May 19, 2024
London City Airport Jobs

London City Airport Jobs – Top 10 Best Vacancies

London City Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, and that means there are a lot of jobs available. If you’re looking for a job in the airport, here are 10 of the latest London City airport jobs.

London City Airport Jobs – Top 10 Best Vacancies

1. Passenger Service Agents

Passenger Service Agents are responsible for providing quality customer service at London City Airport. They are responsible for handling all types of inquiries and complaints and ensuring that passengers are always satisfied with the service they receive. As a Passenger Service Agent, you will need to have excellent communication skills, be able to handle difficult customers, and be able to work under pressure.

You will also need to be able to work quickly and efficiently in a team environment and be able to maintain high levels of productivity throughout the day. If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding job that will give you the opportunity to work in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Then a career as a service agent might be ideal for you.

2. Female Security Officer

Female Security Officer

Are you looking for a new and exciting job? If so, you may want to consider becoming a female security officer at London City airport. Female security officers are responsible for providing security at the airport and working alongside male officers to ensure it’s a safe and secure place. In addition to their duties as security guards, female officers also perform clerical tasks like issuing boarding passes and checking baggage.

To be a successful security officer, it’s important to have strong communication skills and good organizational skills. If you have the necessary qualifications and are passionate about providing safety and security for others, London City airport may be the right place for you.

3. Performance Development Executive

Performance Development Executive

If you are looking for a career in performance development, look no further than the London City airport. The Performance Development Executive is responsible for leading and developing the performance of team members. They work with managers to create strategies that will help employees meet goals, and they provide feedback on employee development programs.

The role requires strong communication skills, as the PDE will be working with a variety of teams across different departments in the airport. If you are interested in pursuing a career in performance development, this is an excellent position for you to consider!

4. Transformation Lead (Airport Operations)

The airport is constantly evolving and changing in order to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. In order to meet these demands, the airport needs Transformation Leads who can help bring about change and innovation. As a Transformation Lead, you will be responsible for leading and managing various airport operations initiatives. In addition, you will need to have strong skills in project management and coordination, as well as be able to work under pressure. If you have the necessary qualifications and skills, this could be the perfect job for you.

5. BA CityFlyer – Cabin Crew

Looking for a new career? Check out BA CityFlyer – Cabin Crew! As one of the world’s leading airline companies, BA is always on the lookout for talented and dedicated employees. And with over 25 years of experience in the travel industry, BA CityFlyer – Cabin Crew has built up a reputation for being one of the best companies to work for. At BA CityFlyer – Cabin Crew, you’ll be working with some of the most experienced and qualified crew members in the business.

You’ll get to meet new people from all over the world, and you’ll have the opportunity to explore new places and cultures every day. You’ll also be able to enjoy great benefits like holidays and bonus schemes. so why wait? Apply now!

6. Cabin Crew (Summer 23) – London Gatwick (E)

Cabin Crew (Summer 23) – London Gatwick (E)

If you’re looking for a summer job in the city, then you might want to consider applying to work as a cabin crew member at London Gatwick Airport. This is an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in working in a high-energy and fast-paced environment. As a cabin crew member, you’ll be responsible for keeping the aircraft clean and comfortable, making sure that all passengers are comfortable and happy, and assisting with ground operations.

You’ll also need to be able to handle tight deadlines and cope with difficult passengers. If you have the right attitude and qualifications, this could be an excellent opportunity for you to gain valuable experience in one of the world’s busiest airports.

7. Airline Premium Host- (Qantas)

Are you looking for a new and exciting job? If so, be sure to check out the latest London City airport jobs. These positions include Airline Premium Hosts, who provide a high level of customer service to guests traveling with Qantas. They provide support during check-in, boarding, and baggage handling, as well as tending to any needs that the guests may have. This is a high-demand position, so if you’re interested in applying please be sure to submit your resume today!

Airlines like Qantas are always looking for talented individuals to join their team, so don’t miss out on this opportunity – apply now!

8. Technician – Unlicensed

Technician – Unlicensed

Are you looking for a new and exciting city airport job? The Technician – Unlicensed position might be the perfect fit for you. This position allows you to work in an airport environment, which might be ideal for someone looking for a change of scenery. As a technician – unlicensed, you will need to have excellent customer service skills and be able to handle difficult situations calmly and efficiently. You must also be reliable and efficient with your work – error-free performance is essential for maintaining customers’ trust and satisfaction. If you’re up for the challenge, apply now and start your new city airport career!

9. Airside Vetting Specialist

Airside Vetting Specialist

Airside Vetting Specialist is a position that requires you to have excellent customer service skills. You’ll be responsible for screening passengers who are entering or exiting the airport and making sure that they’re safe and compliant with airport regulations. In order to be successful in this position, you’ll need to have good communication and problem-solving skills. You’ll also need to be able to work quickly and efficiently, as the processing of passengers can quickly become overwhelming.

If you’re looking for a career change that will give you opportunities to travel and meet new people, Airside Vetting Specialist may be the right choice for you. With its growing popularity, the airside vetting specialist industry is predicted to grow rapidly in the next few years. So if you’re interested in finding out more about this exciting field, now’s your chance!

10. Customer Service Assistant

Looking for a job in London City airport? The customer service assistant is one of the most important positions on the team. This position requires excellent communication skills, as they are required to speak with customers in a variety of languages. Additionally, they must be able to handle a wide range of duties, including greeting and seating customers, giving directions, and responding to questions. As a result, candidates should have at least two years of experience working in an airport setting. If you have the skills and experience required for this position, don’t hesitate to apply!


As per the results of this study, there were almost 100 new jobs available at London City airport. The best part is that most of these jobs are entry-level positions. However, those who can handle customer queries and strive for perfection will find themselves offered better opportunities in leading companies too! These days, London City airport is getting a big buzz for being one of the most luxurious airports to travel on. So if you have enough cash and are ready to move around from job to job, then go ahead and apply for a call center or fashion show assistant position today!

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