July 15, 2024
Drive Up Engagement With Call Tracking

Drive Up Engagement With Call Tracking for Your Marketing Agency

As a marketing agency, you’re likely looking for new and improved ways to boost engagement for your clients. If this is the case, then you should consider call tracking software for your agency. In this article, you’ll learn what call tracking software does and why it’s the perfect tool to help you provide more effective marketing for your clients.

What is the Purpose of Call Tracking?

What is the Purpose of Call Tracking

Call tracking is expert software designed to let you track every customer call your clients receive, providing a range of crucial data on each interaction.

For each call, you’ll be able to see things like:

  1. Caller phone number
  2. Caller area code
  3. Whether the call was answered or not
  4. The ring duration
  5. The abandonment rate

As well as this, expert software – such as Mediahawk’s call tracking software, for example – will provide a variety of detailed metrics and insights for your marketing, so you can see how effective each area is at engaging customers for your client. You’ll have access to extensive data such as:

1. The marketing sources driving customers to call

The software can assign dynamic phone numbers to help you track the exact journeys of each customer who calls your clients. You’ll know how many callers are being generated from each marketing source, and which touchpoints customers visit before, during, and after they call.

2. Different activities producing inbound enquiries

Each time your client receives an inbound enquiry, you can trace the specific activities the customer visited that funnelled them down to this point of interaction.

3. Keyword performance for call conversations

You can establish a variety of keywords that are important to your client’s business, and the software will identify if these words are mentioned in any call conversations.

4. Google Business Profile interactions

You can assign static phone numbers to your client’s Google Business Profile, so you can view the number of customers who call from this point.

How Can Call Tracking Help You Drive Engagement for Clients?

Call tracking is the perfect tool for helping you monitor and increase engagement for your clients. It provides many benefits, such as:

1. Enhancing PPC ads for your clients

Enhancing PPC ads for your clients

One of the best ways to drive engagement for your clients is to enhance their pay-per-click (PPC) ads with call tracking. Using the software’s insights, you can view the number of leads and sales generated from each PPC ad.

This way, you can focus on developing the successful PPC activities, and withdrawing investment from any PPC ads which are underperforming. Not only is this a more cost-effective structure for PPC, it will also ensure customers are being converted and funnelled more efficiently with PPC.

2. Full visibility and confidence for your clients

Full visibility and confidence for your clients

Call tracking is also great for helping you monitor your client’s engagement, and helping them see the benefits of your agency. With the insights and reports, you’ll have a continuous flow of data showing how many leads and sales are being generated from your marketing.

As a result, you can use this to show clients how much you’ve increased engagement throughout their business, with your strategies and various social media marketing efforts. This will help cement your expertise, and show your clients how beneficial your services are.

3. Tracking your clients’ valuable leads

Tracking your clients’ valuable leads

You can also drive engagement for your clients by identifying their most valuable leads. With call tracking, you can track the exact journeys of customers, and therefore, see where the most valuable leads are coming from. For example, you might see there’s an increase in customer conversions from your Facebook page, and a high majority of customers are following on to fill out a form or make a purchase after this.

This will show you one of the areas where your high quality leads are being produced, and you can focus on developing these activities to further increase engagement, and thus revenue, for your clients.

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