May 19, 2024
How to make money on youtube
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How to Make Money on YouTube in the UK? – Top 10 Ways

Okay, the most apparent method to earn money on YouTube is via advertising. However, it is not the only—or, to be honest, the best—way. YouTube accounts for half of the internet, with 1.9 billion people coming in each month. However, 500 hours of videos are posted to the site every minute. So, you already know that this post isn’t going to be about how simple it is to purchase a Swiss watch using ad money from your YouTube views. We aren’t kidding when we say that you can earn a lot of money from YouTube videos. It’s also one of the most amusing ways to make money. You can’t just click your fingers and money will miraculously fall into your bank account. With that said, making money on YouTube is still a rather straightforward endeavor.

In order to help you generate money, we’ve put up a detailed instructional. In the future, you may pay back our investment by donating a share of your revenues.

Top 10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

Join the YouTube Partner Program

It is the most typical solution to the question of how to earn money on YouTube.

The idea is simple: you join the YouTube partner program, make money, and receive ad income from video commercials that appear before, during, or after your videos.

You give your permission for YouTube advertising to appear before, during, or after your videos. Then you get to pick what kind of ad placements you want, hit a few buttons, and Google handles the rest.

Once set up, Google may display advertisements on your videos, and each time someone views (or clicks) on those advertisements, you and YouTube divide the cost that Google charges the advertiser. YouTube receives 45 percent of the revenue, while the creator receives 55 percent.

2. Create a blog to supplement YouTube

Create a blog to supplement YouTube

YouTube is an excellent platform for growing your brand, gaining followers, increasing conversions, and increasing company income.

Furthermore, being the second-largest search engine, YouTube provides enormous potential to get your brand in front of your desired audience and build your following in other places.

3. Establish a Faceless YouTube Channel

Establish a Faceless YouTube Channel

Making a “faceless” YouTube channel is one of the methods my wife and I found to generate money online from YouTube views.

People see themselves as full-fledged video creators in front of a camera, filming and editing videos till their eyes bleed when they consider starting a YouTube channel.

However, the concept is comparable to what I do with websites, and it’s an intriguing business strategy.

You establish a channel consisting of videos on a certain subject or theme, and when the algorithm ranks or recommends those videos, you earn passive YouTube money from ad views.

4. Create and Market a Course

Create a Market Course

You may also earn money on YouTube by selling a digital course you’ve developed and put out yourself. Because of the value, you can deliver in return for your audience’s time; they will gladly pay for your course and learn more about how you can enrich their lives. You may teach about fitness and health, personal development, digital marketing, and professional or curricular courses, among other things.

5. Affiliate Promotion

Affiliate Promotion

You should not always depend on video advertising to generate money from your YouTube video investment. The good news is that there are alternative sources of revenue available, such as affiliate marketing.

6. Review Things or Software

.Review Things or Software

Affiliate marketing is not limited to tangible products. You may use it to make money from YouTube by selling any product you want. For example, you might offer software or product reviews for different firms in your field on your YouTube channel and earn money from corporations looking for visibility and sales.

7. Collaborate with Sponsorships

Collaborate with Sponsorships

Working with sponsors is an excellent strategy to increase your revenue here. As your following and viewership expand, sponsors will ask you to make films containing product placements on their behalf. Most organizations pay a premium for high-quality films that help them reach their business goals, and YouTube influencer marketing seems to be gaining traction.

8. Provide Services

Provide Services

Selling services to your followers, such as masterminds, group consulting, and so on, is another efficient strategy to leverage your channel into paid possibilities and so generate money from YouTube. Although this sort of monetization might be sluggish at first, it can be quite profitable if you reach critical mass.

9. Use Live Streams to Sell Products

Use Live Streams to Sell Products

Another way to make money on YouTube is to sell your live broadcasts. Popular sectors like beauty and fashion benefit greatly from this kind of revenue generation. Streaming audience members are the target audience for this campaign. To increase your profits, try developing your items and offers to sell to your loyal viewers.

You might, for example, produce a digital course, an ebook, or anything else that your target audience would love. You may also use this method to sell things on Etsy, Poshmark, or a Shopify store if you have one.

10. Provide Subscribers with Merch

Provide Subscribers with Merch

One of the simplest methods to earn money on YouTube is to offer your line of things to your fans, such as t-shirts and other apparel. It is due to the platform’s part known as a product shelf.

You must have a big enough following as an online creator to expect to earn any real money with this method, but you can start small and gradually build-up to the point where you’re getting a constant income from merch sales.

Consider utilizing Sellfy instead if you want to sell things yourself and retain more of the cash you produce without the limits of a merchandising shelf.


If you make videos, you’ve undoubtedly considered YouTube monetization. How did some of the world’s most famous bloggers get started? The most convenient way to make money on YouTube is Advertising. That is how media organizations work. YouTube stars are today’s self-made celebrities—people who have built a following by providing material on the internet aimed at educating, entertaining, reviewing, and being wonderful. Most of these small-screen celebrities do what they do to satisfy their need to create and perform in front of an audience.

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