July 13, 2024
Immediate Start Jobs

Immediate Start Jobs – Top 10 in London

The United Kingdom is well-known for its world-class education system and is home to some of the world’s most prestigious institutions. The UK is also one of the world’s top five most expensive study locations, leaving students hunting for funding solutions. This is where part-time work in the UK for overseas students may help.

International students in the UK are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during vacations, as is the case in most of the world’s best study destinations.

This article will help you understand the best-time employment for overseas students in the UK and the policies governing them. So keep continuing reading our guide on Immediate Start Jobs – Top 10  in London to the end!

Immediate Start Jobs – Top 10 in London

1. Receptionist at Night

Receptionist at Night

You handle bookings, execute guest check-in and checkout, answer inquiries about hotel services, and produce and monitor keys to guest rooms as a night shift front desk receptionist. Night shift may include light cleaning, document auditing, credit card payment processing, and other end-of-day chores.

2. University Student Representative

University Student Representative

A student ambassador’s primary responsibility is to connect with students, answer any concerns they may have about attending your school, and reassure and guide them along their journey. In essence, they create a feeling of belonging among potential students, often even before applying.

3. Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources Assistant

A Human Resources (HR) Assistant is a professional in charge of an organisation’s everyday administrative and HR activities. They help in recruitment, record keeping for payroll processing, and clerical assistance for all workers.

HR Assistant’s responsibilities include various support functions within our HR department, such as meeting coordination, updating our personnel database, and publishing job adverts. Your position will include acting as a link between HR and employees, enabling accessible communication and fast resolution of requests and issues.

4. Sales Assistant

Sales Assistant

A Sales Assistant greets and serves clients as they enter their business and advises them on items or services offered. They may also aid with concerns regarding things that do not perform appropriately after being bought from that store. In a retail context, a Sales Assistant, also known as a Shop Assistant, is responsible for aiding clients and guaranteeing the seamless transaction of products. They assist customers by answering inquiries about goods or services, process item sales in-store or online, and oversee the frequent replenishing of the store’s product shelves.

5. Production Process Engineer

Production Process Engineer

Process engineers contribute to the transformation of raw resources into essential daily goods. They are in charge of developing, executing, managing, and optimising industrial processes and equipment in the manufacturing business. Process engineering is similar to chemical engineering in that it focuses on the mathematical and physical components of manufacturing.

6. Kitchen Helper

Kitchen Helper

A good job title comprises a broad term, amount of experience, and any particular qualifications. The broad phrase will optimise your job title so that it appears in a generic search for jobs of the same kind. By specifying the degree of responsibility and previous knowledge necessary, you will be able to attract the most eligible applications. Additionally, consider incorporating the specialisation in the job title if your role is specialised. However, avoid using internal titles, abbreviations, or acronyms to ensure visitors understand your job ad before clicking.

7. Guest Relations Manager

Guest Relations Manager

A Guest Relation Officer, also known as a Guest Relation Coordinator or Guest Relation Specialist, is a customer service representative that meets hotel customers. Guest Relation Officers guarantee a pleasant and satisfactory stay at a hotel by guiding visitors to rooms and aiding with bookings. So, your task will be to greet visitors at check-in and bid them goodbye after checkout. Handling visitor complaints and problems in a timely and effective way. In charge of VIP visitors, arrivals, and departures. Coordination and multitasking of work activities in a fast-paced atmosphere.

8. Corporate Finance Analyst

Corporate Finance Analyst

Corporate financial analysts often operate inside a company, assisting management with relevant financial data. They scrutinise financial accounts, spending, taxes, and other financial information to determine where the firm generates money. Your responsibilities as a corporate analyst involve gathering and evaluating complicated company data, examining market trends and movements, generating models and reports based on the study, and providing financial assistance to management.

9. School Caretaker

School Caretaker

A Caretaker, sometimes known as a Janitor or a School Manager, is in charge of the security and upkeep of communal facilities. Their responsibilities include cleaning, modest repairs and upkeep, and security inspections for the facilities under their care. Caretakers depend on technical and soft abilities to keep buildings in good condition. A qualified Caretaker candidate will possess a variety of essential skills and credentials.

10. Front Desk Supervisor

Front Desk Supervisor

Front Desk Supervisors conduct and take care of all front-desk tasks, which include guest check-ins, checkouts, bookings, guest phone messages, and special requests they make. Supervisors guarantee that visitors have a pleasant stay. They mainly manage front desk team members to guarantee effective and seamless operations that result in positive feedback and visitor satisfaction. Responds to incoming, leaving, and in-house guests professionally and politely by offering accurate and timely information and services.


The initial stage in your job hunting should be to familiarise yourself with the UK job market. Because the United Kingdom has one of the strongest economies in the world, it draws a considerable number of talented individuals. This article will cover all you need to know about finding a job in the UK, from short data like the number of working days and the average income to issues like visas or work permits, social security, and advice for British-style CVs cover letters.

There are various factors to consider for people considering working as self-employed, such as the general benefits and drawbacks, as well as knowing the details of UK taxes and benefits if you decide to go this route.

Begin your job hunt by browsing for positions around your college. Remember that your main objective was to get a high-quality education, so choose a job that will not interfere with your studies.

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