July 13, 2024
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How Businesses Can Improve CX by Generating Customer Feedback with Innovative Software Tools

How Businesses Can Improve CX by Generating Customer Feedback with Innovative Software Tools

Does your business have fans who are always ready to buy from your company only? Loyal customers become your brand advocates who promote and recommend your products and services to friends and relatives. How do businesses gain customer loyalty?

Excellent customer experience (CX) is a key to loyal, satisfied customers, higher revenue, and lower operational costs. It goes without saying today, customers are likely to purchase at a higher price for seamless, intuitive, and engaging experiences. Thus, businesses should focus on building comprehensive CX strategies considering the latest trends and innovative technologies.

CX strategy usually starts with in-depth research, including customer interviews that help identify clients’ pain points and challenges when interacting with your company. Afterward, CX specialists can create customer persona descriptions and user journey maps to understand better the impressions people get at each touchpoint. Based on all the findings, you can think of a solution to address customer problems. But what if you start right with gathering customer feedback?

Customer feedback has been long underestimated. Being crucial for understanding what clients love and what they don’t about your products, customer feedback can become a powerful tool in digital transformation.

Innovative technology solutions like the Youdask Customer Feedback Tool allow businesses to gather both positive and negative reviews automatically. Youdask’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Kateryna Monastyrska, admits: “Our product is built to simplify marketing efforts in collecting feedback from customers. However, Youdask is much more than that. Marketing and sales teams can create customized surveys and send them to customers via email, links, or QR codes. As a reward for feedback, people get discounts, special gifts, or personalized offers from the company. Moreover, if you find the feedback useful, you can ask a person to share it on social media.”

How Businesses Can Improve CX

Youdask’s Product Owner and Founder, Illia Pinchuk, continues: “Our clients love Youdask as it immediately strengthened their marketing efforts. Managers don’t need to manually create surveys — customized questions are sent as links and distributed automatically. Besides, most of Youdask users admitted that they managed to significantly improve CX thanks to better understanding customer needs.”

Tools like Youdask encourage people to share their impressions on the Internet by posting their reviews on social media and motivating others to use certain products or services. However, how do these tools contribute to improving customer experience?

  • Analyzing customer needs. Customer feedback should be considered as a good source of insights that can help you understand how to improve your products, fine-tune offerings, and bring customer services to the next level. And today’s demand for greater personalization just proves that people would like to be more valued and treated as if they were a part of your company. For example, if reviews tell you that customers don’t like waiting long for a consultant to pick up the phone and answer their questions, you can offer clients an option of sending their request through a chatbot and getting an instant answer.
  • Improving loyalty. Loyal customers are those who are always ready to turn to and refer your company to a friend. In such a way, you also get more traffic to your website or mobile app, more conversions, and new customers. Loyal clients advertise your company and create user-generated content, decreasing marketing costs.
  • Being one step ahead of competitors. By implementing customer feedback tools, you stay updated about the ever-changing customer needs and can respond to these changes in a timely manner: add new features, integrate artificial intelligence, redesign, or else.
  • Reducing complexities in the customer journey. By continuously analyzing customer feedback, businesses can find out what things frustrate them and what hurdles they meet. Instead of organizing interviews with users, you can use customer feedback data to think about how to help people seamlessly interact with your company.

So, when you know about the benefits of customer feedback tools, let’s discover their main features. As an example, here’s a list of Youdask’s features:

  • Survey building. A survey is built with customized questions and sent to clients with a request to review or rate your company’s products or services. For example, after speaking to the consultant, the client is asked if he/she is satisfied with the service provided.
  • Account management. Each customer is registered in the system by adding data to the card or downloading customer information with an Excel file. So, you have all the information about your clients in one place.
  • The analytics captures the amount of reviews, social post shares, conversions, etc.
  • Personalized presents (digital certificates, discounts, special gifts, and personalized offerings) are sent to clients as a gratitude to their reviews. Such an approach contributes to improving customer loyalty and satisfaction.

The opportunity to dive into your clients’ needs and wants can drastically change your marketing strategies. If you are really interested in collecting customer feedback, you can do it from multiple sources, as modern software solutions can be easily incorporated into omnichannel environments. Use your customer words to improve your business and the CX it provides, and increase sales and engagement.

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