July 15, 2024
Personal Assistant Jobs London

Personal Assistant Jobs London – Top 10 Best Jobs

Are you looking for a job but your search feels endless? If you’re like most people, you may feel like personal assistant jobs in London are your best bet. And they might be – at least as far as the quality of work is concerned. Personal assistant jobs in London typically require little to no work experience, and you can start immediately. All you need is the right attitude and the willingness to learn new things quickly. Plus, the pay can be very good, especially for people with a good work ethic. So if you’re interested in finding a personal assistant job in London, read on for more information!

Personal Assistant Jobs London – Top 10 Best Jobs

1. Executive Personal Assistant

Executive Personal Assistant

Executive personal assistants are in high demand as they play a very important role in office management. They are responsible for handling all the administrative work and communication within an organization, making sure that everything runs smoothly. This position requires excellent organizational skills, multitasking abilities, and the ability to handle clients with confidentiality. The salary range for executive personal assistants is £30,000 – £50k per annum.

2. Administrative Assistant

The job of an administrative assistant is one that requires good organizational skills and a fast learner. They will be responsible for handling administrative tasks such as filing, reception, and other office duties. In addition, they may also need to handle customer inquiries and support staff duties as required. On average, the salary of an administrative assistant is £20,000 – £25,000 per year.

3. Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant

Executive assistant jobs are a great way to fill the gap in your resume and build a more comprehensive portfolio. They typically require good organizational skills, as well as the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. This makes them an ideal choice for people who want to switch careers or have difficulty working on their own due to time constraints. Plus, salaries are usually good and working hours are generally flexible, so you can balance work with family life easily.

4. Personal/Executive Assistant (French Speaking)

Personal_Executive Assistant (French Speaking)

Good executive assistant jobs are available in cities all over the world, but French-speaking assistants are especially in demand in France. The job involves writing and answering emails, handling appointments and banking transactions, preparing documents for meetings, or filing away paperwork. Excellent written and oral communication skills along with numeracy and literacy are essential requirements for this position. Preferred qualifications may include previous personal assistant experience or fluency in French.

Working hours vary depending on the employer – some executive assistants jobs full time while others have flexible hours that allow them to spend more time with their families.

5. Executive Assistant to CEO

Executive Assistant to CEO

Executive Assistant to CEO is a high-profile, important position that requires an individual with immense multitasking skills and poise in high-pressure situations. They must be able to handle any situation calmly and efficiently while keeping a positive attitude at all times. In addition to excellent communication, organizational, and problem-solving abilities, the executive assistant should also have strong writing and research skills.

6. PA to the CEO (Part-Time)

PA to the CEO (Part-Time)

Working as a part-time PA at an organization looking for full-time coverage is exactly what you are looking for. This company offers flexible working hours, making it possible to take on additional shifts when required. Plus, they offer competitive pay and excellent benefits package including private health insurance and a pension plan. So if you’re ready to switch careers or want to experience something new, this could be the right opportunity!

7. Office Manager and EA

Office Manager and EA

If you’re looking for a job that will let you manage a team of people and help run the office smoothly, an executive assistant may be the perfect position for you. With so many tasks on your plate, this is an opportunity to really shine. As someone who is good with people and enjoys working in an environment where everything goes according to plan, this could be the right career move for you! Keep in mind that executive assistants typically earn high salaries relative to their field – so don’t wait too long if you want one of these jobs!

8. Administrator

If you are looking for a job in the private sector, then an administrator is the perfect option. This position entails managing databases, organizing files, and communicating with customers. Good knowledge of Microsoft office is essential for this role as it involves using software to manage tasks efficiently. You will also need excellent customer service skills as administrators have to interact with clients on a daily basis.

9. Events Assistant – (Professional Membership Body)

Events Assistant

If you are looking for a highly competitive and regulated job, an events assistant is the perfect option. With excellent organizational skills, the ability to multi-task effectively, and good communication and organizational abilities, this career is perfect for people who are motivated by success. Salaries in this field vary depending on experience and location but tend to be higher than other teaching assistant jobs in London. If you have the passion and motivation required, events assistant may be the right job for you!

10. Executive Support Assistant

If you enjoy working with others and are able to handle multiple tasks at once, an executive support assistant may be the job for you. This position requires excellent communication skills as it is a one-on-one relationship with the management team of the company. Salary can also vary depending on your experience and qualifications, so make sure to research this career first before applying!


Looking for a job that will help you use your personal assistant skills in a new and exciting way? Look no further than the best personal assistant jobs in London. From executive assistant jobs to part-time personal assistant jobs, these positions offer a wealth of opportunities to use your personal assistant skills in a new and exciting way. So what are you waiting for? Start searching for the best personal assistant jobs in London today!

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