June 13, 2024
Storage Considerations in Business Continuity Planning

Storage Considerations in Business Continuity Planning

Storage Considerations in Business Continuity Planning

Efficient business continuity planning forms the basis of smooth operations by enabling companies to endure and bounce back from interruptions, including natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and other unexpected occurrences. However, business continuity planning isn’t just about having a responsive stance towards crises as the process also involves proactive preparation to be able to safeguard all essential business data and sensitive client information.

Storing physical backups of data for BCP

Storing physical backups of data for BCP

When it comes to storing backups and archives to keep them safe and secure, it’s crucial to find a storage solution that offers protection, surveillance, and easy accessibility. Here at Attic Self Storage, we offer a range of professional storage options for businesses looking to house their archives and backups in a secure environment. This way you can ensure the security of your physical data for continuity planning purposes.

Housing secure backups is a vital aspect of business continuity planning as it shows that the company recognises the need to create secure copies and archive important documents. This is a proactive step towards safeguarding valuable information against unexpected damage or disruptions. Furthermore, this kind of planning can ensure that a business doesn’t risk losing the only copy of its crucial data.

Can we rely on technology alone to store data safely?

While digital files are invaluable for companies managing large volumes of data, having secure physical backups off-site is always considered a part of effective continuity planning as relying solely on digital backups is not advised.

Not only can technology fail and cause further disruptions to business and operations, but it’s also not wise to have no physical records of data or information on record.  On the other hand, having just a single physical copy of data also shows a lack of planning, which could also hurt a business. An unexpected disruption could easily contaminate physical documents the same way a small data breach could corrupt an entire library of digital files. Effective business planning can help mitigate potential data loss or disruption caused by unexpected events; ensuring that there is always an alternative to relying solely on just one solution.

The safest way to store your business data

When it comes to the safest way to store your business data,  leveraging a mix of digital and physical storage solutions, businesses can better safeguard their critical data and ensure continuity in the face of unforeseen events. This approach allows a company to have physical backups of important data securely stored off-site, while also maintaining digital copies for daily convenience. Having a combination of both digital backups and physical archives stored in secure storage units is considered effective business continuity planning.

For reliable business storage, we here at Attic Storage Solutions specialise in helping businesses organise and store archive data and physical files in a secure off-site premise. All of our facilities offer an organised and secure environment for storing physical archives as well as plenty of spacious units designed to also store spare office furniture, extra stationery and office supplies. The space you need is also based on what you need to put into storage, to access at a later date. If it is just physical papers and files you would like us to look after we offer a by-the-box service which means you can store as many boxes as you need whether that be just one box or one hundred boxes.

Head to the Attic Storage website to find your local unit and get a quote to help ensure your business continuity planning needs work for you so that you can keep a secure record of your physical data alongside your digital copies.

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