June 14, 2024
Interesting and Unique Things to Do in London on a Sunday

Interesting and Unique Things to Do in London on a Sunday

There are so many interesting things to do on a Sunday that it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll list 8 interesting things to do in London on a Sunday. From exploring the city’s famous historical landmarks to marveling at its amazing street art, there is something for everyone on this list. So whether you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do on your day off or you just want to soak up some of London’s atmosphere, read on and enjoy!

Top 8 Interesting Things to do on Sunday in London

London is a bustling metropolis full of history, culture, and entertainment. On a Sunday, there’s no better way to spend your day than exploring the city’s many sights and attractions. From taking a stroll down a busy street to visiting one of the city’s most famous landmarks to marveling at the impressive architecture of British high-rises, there’s plenty to do on a Sunday in London! If you’re looking for something different, try baking some treats or shopping on Oxford Street – the street is always buzzing with activity!

1. Wander around one of London’s best markets

London has some of the best markets in the world and there’s no better way to experience them than by wandering around aimlessly! Markets offer a great opportunity to taste delicious food from local vendors, see beautiful art exhibitions, explore hidden gems, catch a performance at one of London’s theatres or even spend time with friends and family in one of London’s many parks. There are so many things you can do when you’re out shopping at a market – it’s definitely worth checking out one on your next weekend trip to town!

2. Fill your arms with flowers from Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market

If you’re in London, there’s no need to go anywhere else for flower shopping! Columbia Road Flower Market is one of the oldest and most popular flower markets in the city, perfect for a leisurely stroll. Not only will you find an impressive range of flowers on offer, but also delicious food and a lively atmosphere. If you’re feeling energetic, why not venture out to Oxford Street or Leicester Square – two of London’s main shopping districts on a Sunday morning?

3. Have a long (and potentially boozy) brunch

Brunch is a great way to spend a Sunday morning in London! There are so many delicious places to go, and you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. Alternatively, take a walk around some of the lovely neighborhoods like Notting Hill or Kensington – it’ll give you the perfect opportunity for some leisurely shopping afterward. If brunch isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other things that London has to offer on Sundays morning! Go for an energetic jog or try out some of the city’s top roller-skating arenas. And if brunch just doesn’t feel right after all this exercise (or vice versa), then by all means have a long and boozy brunch.

4. Let someone else make the Sunday roast for a change

Sunday roast

There’s so much to do in London on a Sunday morning that you’ll hardly have time to rest! If cooking your own Sunday roast is not your thing, why not consider one of the following activities? London has plenty of foodie places where you can enjoy brunch or lunch. Head out for some urban exploration and discover new neighborhoods – who knows, you might end up discovering a hidden cafe with delicious food! Alternatively, take a trip down memory lane and stroll around old neighborhood streets. They’re bound to be lively with people enjoying their morning coffee or shopping. Last but not least: it’s time for some fun! Why not hop on the tube and explore different parts of the city? Who knows, you might even stumble upon an interesting marketplace where you can buy beautiful things at reduced prices.

5. Catch a new art exhibition

Catch a new art exhibition

There’s no better way to spend a summer day than by catching a new art exhibition in one of London’s many well-known galleries. Take time to explore some of the hidden gems that Londoners may have missed on your last visit – boroughs offer an array of unique experiences not found in central areas. Similarly, Sundays are perfect for exploring different parts of London – stroll through trendy neighborhoods or enjoy a leisurely Sunday morning walk through leafy parklands. And finally, don’t forget about the theatre! There are always great performances going on at famous West End shows theatres so make sure you get tickets before it’s too late!

6. Head out on a pretty city walk

Sunday strolls are the perfect way to spend a beautiful day in any city. Whether it’s London, Paris, or even Adelaide – there’s always something new to see on a walk around town. From historical landmarks and vibrant neighborhoods to stunning parks and exotic gardens, there’s never been a better time for an urban wanderlust adventure! So pack your bags and get out there!

7. Go for a bike ride

Go for a bike ride

There’s so much to see and do in London when you’re on a bike! Not only will you be getting some great exercise, but you’ll also be enjoying the fresh air while taking in some of the city’s beautiful sights. Cycle through one of London’s many parks or along the Thames River – whichever tickles your fancy. Alternatively, take a look at some of the artist studios and galleries situated in Southwark or Camden Town, two central neighborhoods that are definitely worth checking out for art lovers. And if brunch is more your thing, head over to The Wolseley or The Ivy – both high-profile restaurants located in Mayfair respectively.

8. Leave London for a day trip

Leave London for a day trip

Looking for a day out that is different from the norm? Why not head to London on a Sunday? This bustling city has so much to offer visitors, whether you’re interested in seeing historical landmarks or some of the popular attractions. From Oxford Street and Hyde Park to Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, there’s something for everyone when visiting London on a Sunday.

5 Unique Things to Do in London on a Sunday Only

London is an incredible city with so much to offer on a Sunday. From enjoying an afternoon cricket match at Victoria Park to taking a stroll down Oxford Street and indulging in some of the city’s best shops, there are plenty of interesting things to do in London on a Sunday. If you’re looking to stay a little longer, why not head to Trafalgar Square to watch an outdoor performance? It’ll be well worth your time!

1. Visit a Sunday market

If you’re in London on a Sunday, it is definitely worth visiting one of the many fantastic marketplaces that are open. Not only will you be able to get your hands on some delicious food, but you’ll also be able to catch some live music and view amazing artwork in stores and galleries. For something more active, why not take a walk around one of the city’s beautiful parks? You won’t regret spending your afternoon here!

2. Tuck into a Sunday roast

There’s no need to miss out on a delicious Sunday roast – head to one of London’s many local restaurants today! And don’t forget to enjoy a leisurely walk around the city, as there is so much to see and do in this bustling metropolis. To top it all off, why not check out some of London’s best art galleries? They always have something new up their sleeves!

3. Attend public debates at the Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park

London is a fascinating city with so much to offer. If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend your weekend, why not attend one of the public debates at the Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park? Here, you’ll be able to hear different opinions on a variety of hot topics from renowned speakers. Not only will this be an enlightening experience, but it’s also great fun – don’t forget to take in the live music performances and enjoy some delicious treats while you’re there!

4. Join a tour at Spencer House, built by Princess Diana’s ancestor

If you’re looking for an amazing day out, why not consider visiting Spencer House? This Tudor-style mansion was once home to Princess Diana’s ancestor and is now open to the public on Sundays. At the Palace of Westminster Museum, you’ll learn about the royal family’s history – from their humble beginnings all the way up until the present day. If art galleries are your thing, then Tate Modern and The National Gallery should definitely be on your list. After exploring some of London’s top tourist attractions, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to head over to one of its many restaurants for a sumptuous meal!

5. Wander through the deserted streets of ‘The City

deserted streets

Sunday morning is a great time to take a stroll down the beautiful, deserted streets of ‘The City. Whether you’re admiring the amazing architecture and history of some of London’s oldest buildings or taking in some delicious food at one of its succulent restaurants, this outing will be sure to please you. After launching in the city center, why not explore one (or more) of London’s famous nightlife districts? From Southwark with its rowdy pub culture, Shoreditch for its trendy cafes and designer boutiques, and Camden for dance clubs till late at night – there are plenty of options available!


Sunday is a great day to relax and take in some of London’s best attractions. From exploring the charming marketplaces to indulging in some delicious food, this list has everything you need to have a fun day in the city. So what are you waiting for? Check out the list and start planning your Sunday in London today!

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