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top 10 liverpool gangsters

Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters

Top 10 Liverpool Gangsters

1. Thomas Comerford

Thomas Comerford

Thomas Comerford is also known as Tommy. He is the biggest mobster in Liverpool history. He was born on 19th October 1932, in Liverpool. He is a well-known character in Liverpool’s underworld, predominated crime in the Merseyside region, and served more than 34 years in jail for his crimes. He is one of the 1st criminals to develop an international drug trafficking network in England and he was active in the drug trade.

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2. Anthony Whitney

Anthony Whitney

Anthony Whitney is also known as Tony, in Liverpool. His gang was a family-run criminal gang that distributed drugs including crack and heroin near school playgrounds and they lived a luxurious life as a result. Guns and drugs are part of his family. Detective chief superintendent tony Doherty uttered these deadly words as he saw a family’s drug empire, which he had been tracking for 3 years, finally come tumbling down.

This family and its allies were dragged before the courts in 2011 and given a combined term of 82 years in jail.

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3. Curtis Francis Warren

Curtis Francis Warren

Curtis Francis Warren was born in Lancashire. He was born on 31st May 1963. Curtis Francis Warren, one of the most infamous criminals in the United Kingdom, is currently incarcerated for attempting to smuggle marijuana into jersey. Although the former Interpol most wanted has always believed he was the victim of a miscarriage of justice, he was sentenced to 13 years in prison for the £1 million scheme.

Since he has received an additional 10 years in prison for failing to repay the £198 million wealth that investigators say he amassed from international trading.

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4. The Maniac – Devil Gangster

The Maniac – Devil Gangster

A Turkish drug lord hired a mobster known as “The Manic” (devil gangster) in a last-ditch effort to recoup millions of pounds lost when a significant heroin shipment was stopped. The thief from Liverpool, known as “that crazy Englishman”, plotted to abduct a woman and hold her hostage at a Dutch farm after threatening to hurl a grenade into a family’s home.

 5. Wavo 420

wave 420

This gang’s name comes from 2 sources: Wavertree, a neighborhood southeast of Liverpool’s downtown, and ‘420’, the abbreviation for the annual unofficial international cannabis holiday on April 20. James Lunt, who formerly served as the leader of Wavo 420 and whose firearm was connected to 17 shootings in Merseyside, was imprisoned in October 20019 for several drug and weapon-related offenses.

Some are well-organized, with the entire property taken over, while others are as simple as a few plants in a room. Some of them make some of their money by specializing in hiring guns so that others don’t have to worry about disposing of them.

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6. Liam Cornett

Liam Cornett

It has been revealed that an infamous Liverpool drug dealer who received his supplies straight from the Kinahan gang failed in his attempt to get a 26 years prison sentence reversed. He is 29 years old, and was a mid-level drug dealer until he met Christy and Danny Kinahan, who operate “The Cartel”. The Kleinhans hired Cornett, a gangster with a reputation for intelligence and diligence, to be their main point of contact in Liverpool.

And used him to saturate England, Scotland, and amphetamines. According to underworld insiders, Cornett was introduced to the Kinahans after gaining their trust.

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7. Lewis Turner

Lewis Turner

According to Cheshire Police, Lewis Turner, 25 years old, of Warrington, used “a serious level of violence” to demonstrate to others he wouldn’t be messed with. He admitted to drug offenses at Liverpool crown court and was given a six-year, 9 months sentence. Anthony Morgan, his “right-hand man” received 6 years, 2-month term. After Lewis Turner took control of the family-run gang when the previous leaders were jailed and he referred to himself as a “bog boss baby”.

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8. Paul Massey

Paul Massey

Paul Massey was born in Salford, England, on January 7, 1960. Rose Massey and John Massey had 6 children, and he was one of them. When Paul was 12 years old, he was detained for criminal mischief and placed n a recognized school. Paul Massey founded many security firms in the 1990s. Damian Noonan and his crew were able to control the doors of various nightclubs in the Manchester region through these businesses.

Paul Massey was given a 14-year prison term in 1999 for stabbing a man in the crotch. According to several media outlets, Paul Massey played a significant mediating role in Greater Manchester between competing organized crime enterprises. The local organized crime unit was looking into Paul Massey at the time of his murder due to charges of money laundering.

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9. Mad Dog Maguire

Mad Dog Maguire

Kevin “Mad Dog” Maguire was connected to a security firm in North Liverpool that handled door staffing at nightclubs throughout the city. He may have earned the nickname “mad dog” because of his temperament and history of altercations with other doormen. After a dispute with a rival gang in 1993, mad dog, a resident of Sefton, was shot in the legs in a nightclub. Mad Dog Maguire was imprisoned for kidnapping in the mid-1990s.

It was shown during the murder trial at Liverpool crown court that Maguire was friends with well-known crooks from the city.

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10. Mark Fellows

Mark Fellows

Mark Fellows, sometimes known as “the Iceman”, was a British hit man who was found guilty of killing rival Anti a Team enforces John Kinsella and Paul Massey on September 5, 1980. He was one of just 70 inmates serving a life sentence at the time of his conviction. Mark Fellows lived their life in Warrington but was originally from Salford. Mark Fellows has now detailed how a Merseyside criminal attacked him at HMP Whitemoor Last year.

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