July 23, 2024
top 10 unusual christening gifts
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Top 10 Unusual Christening Gifts That Will Make Him or Her Smile

When it comes to christening gifts, there’s no dearth of choices. But what if you’re not sure what the baby-to-be’s interests are? fret not – we’ve got you covered! On this blog, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most unusual christening gifts that are sure to make the baby or child in your life smile. Whether they’re into biology, fashion, or electronics – we’ve got them covered! So go ahead and get ideas for unique christening gifts that will speak to the little one in your life. Cheers!

Top 10 Unusual Christening Gifts

10 Unusual Christening Gifts for Girls

When it comes to christening gifts, there’s no one-size-fits-all. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 unusual but thoughtful christening gifts for girls. From customized key rings and necklace pendants to original artwork and home-baked cookies, these gifts will make the parents smile – and the baby too! Whether you’re shopping for a friend or relative, don’t forget to include flowers and gifts that are special to the new parents. And if you’re feeling extra special, why not make a custom-made book filled with photos and memories of the baby’s first year? Cheers!

1. Artisanal Soap

There is no better way to show your affection for the new family member than by giving them artisanal soap. This special gift will smell not only nice but also feel smooth and moisturized after every use. It’s a thoughtful and unique way of showing how much you care for them, whether it’s for their christening or any other special occasion.

2. Personalized Notebook

Personalized Notebookc

When it comes to christening gifts, a personalized notebook can be a great choice. Not only is it practical and useful, but you can also personalize it with a special message or photo of the child at their christening. Plus, this gift would make an excellent addition to any special occasion – like Christmas or birthdays!

3. Customized Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are the perfect gift – they’re fun, creative, and useful! There are so many different designs and colors to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one to try first! That’s why gift-givers love them – there’s always something new to explore. Besides being a great way to relax after a long day, bath bombs also make excellent thank-you gifts. They’re perfect for special occasions (like birthdays or christenings) or when you need some sweet relief. Surprise your loved ones with a different scent every time – it will be hard to resist trying them all out!

4. Mineral Water

Mineral Water

Mineral water is a great gift for christening. It comes in different flavors and can be personalized with the child’s name. It is perfect for anyone who likes to stay hydrated on hot days and it makes an excellent keepsake christening gift!

5. Homebrewed Beer

Homebrewed Beer

Homebrewed beer is a great way to get the family involved in your hobby or passion. Not only will they have fun brewing their own beers, but you can also gift them unique honeycomb candles that will be remembered long after the occasion has passed. If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not buy your child a brewery kit? This allows them to create their very own personalized beer mug!

6. Unicorn Horn

When it comes to christening gifts, there is no better option than a personalized unicorn horn. Not only does this gift come with magical properties that will help the baby on their journey ahead, but also a certificate of baptism or book about the child’s life story makes it even more special. Why not go one step further and get them a personalized christening gown too? After all, what could be more special than being someone’s very own little Unicorn?

7. Customized Tattoos

Customized Tattoos

If you’re looking for a special gift that your loved one will love, then customized tattoos are perfect! Not only do they look amazing and unique, but you can also get them designed with just about any theme or message that you might want. Some great examples would be getting tattoos personalized with the baby’s name and date of birth – it’ll make christening even more special! Plus, girl babies always seem to love getting their names tattooed on them in some way so this is a great gift idea for them too.

8. Pet Hamster

There’s no better gift than a pet hamster, especially if your friend is a fan of all things furry! This little guy will make her days and nights so much more fun by providing companionship, stimulating playtime, and occasional company. Plus, who could resist taking care of their own little creature? christening this adorable pet hamster as part of your friend’s special day is the perfect way to show how much you care about them – and assures that their new addition will be loved dearly!

9. Gourmet Food Maker

Gourmet Food Maker

Gourmet food makers are a great gift for anyone – whether they love to entertain or have busy lives. They make unique, personalized gifts that will be loved and used often! Something different is always a good idea, and this gourmet food maker is perfect for special girls in your life! Not only does it enable them to cook their own meals, but it also gives them the opportunity to feed others with delicious recipes created themselves.

10. Personalized Bookmarks

Personalized bookmarks make special, memorable gifts for christening. They are also great keepsake gifts that will remind the baby’s parents of her special day forever! All you need is a bit of creativity and some basic supplies – like fabric and a sewing machine. For something extra special, why not choose something that is particularly personal to the baby’s parents? For example, maybe one parent loves animals while another enjoys dancing – add those details to your gift tag so it becomes even more personalized! Plus, making christening gifts isn’t expensive at all when compared to buying traditional presents. So go ahead and get creative!

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