May 19, 2024
Top Hidden Scenic Places in UK

Top Hidden Scenic Places in UK: Best 10 Places to Get Away from the Crowds 

“Hidden gems” is a fancy way of saying something that is hidden and worth discovering. The hidden attractions of the UK are many, with each region having its own hidden gem or two. From stunning natural beauty to historical sites, coves, lighthouses, castles, and more—the list never ends. If you’re planning a trip to the UK and hoping to discover hidden spots off the beaten path this is the perfect list for you. Here’s 10 hidden scenic places in the UK that are worth exploring.

Top Hidden Scenic Places in UK – Best 10 Places to Get Away from the Crowds

1. Iona Island, Inner Hebrides

Iona Island in the Inner Hebrides is our first recommendation for a top UK secret gem. The little island has natural beauty and simplicity, as well as a variety of engaging attractions, just 1.5 miles wide by 3 miles long. Iona is called “The Cradle of Christianity” because of the Iona Abbey, The Nunnery, Sìthean Mòr, and Reilig Òdhrain. St Columba’s Bay also invites you to view the island’s peaceful pace, as well as its equally stunning vistas, while Marble Quarry is likewise worth seeing.

2. The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland

With frigid blue water lapping over the River Brittle, the Fairy Pools provide an experience unlike any other. The region is now a gem because of its clear waters, which are the site of the final and bloodiest Battle of Coire Na Creche, fought between the MacLeods of Dunvegan and the MacDonalds of Sleat. The water provided singly beautiful views, but there are also amazing wild swimming prospects when you’re not soaking them up. Nonetheless, ensure that your wetsuit is with you.

3. Lundy Island, Devon

Lundy Island, Devon

Lundy Island, a National Trust gem, comes in third place. This unspoiled location is one of true beauty, located where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Bristol Channel. Lundy, which is recognized as the first Marine Conservation Area, has a small hamlet with an inn, a Victorian church, and the 13th-century Marisco Castle. It also has various outdoor activities such as diving, seal watching, fishing, and birdwatching. There are also guided tours, rockpool rambles, and snorkel safaris. Be sure to check out our cottages near National Trust attractions if you’re looking for more places like Lundy Island.

4. Stone Age Sites, Rousay Island, Orkney Islands

Rousay, the “Egypt of the North,” is renowned as the ultimate hidden gem for history buffs because of its extraordinary collection of 100 documented ancient sites. Tingwall, on the north of Orkney’s mainland, has a ferry that will take you to the ancient site. The must-see Midhowe Chambered Cairn and Taversoe Tuick, a rare two-story chambered cairn found by the previous owner of the island, General Burroughs, in 1898, are just a few of the early sites that greet you upon disembarking from the boat. Rousay’s most well-known prehistoric site is the Midhowe Broch and Cairn. This vault, which held 25 crouching bodies, is 100 feet long and 40 feet broad.

5. Cotswold Canals, Cotswolds

Cotswold Canals, Cotswolds

The Cotswold Canals are the perfect way to experience the country’s most iconic sights. You may participate in a variety of activities like canoeing, kayaking, roller skating, stand-up boarding, fishing, cycling, and much more! Not only do they provide a lovely base for a leisurely stroll, but you can also do so! Have a look at our Cotswolds Travel Guide for further information on the region. All canals are open to the public, making them a wonderful family adventure.

6. Malham, Yorkshire Dales

Malham, Yorkshire Dales

Malham is a lovely little community in the Pennines that is another fantastic hidden treasure for adventurous explorers! During the last ice age, glacier water sculpted the curving amphitheater-shaped cliff structure of Malham Cove. It’s also a great picnic spot, with a view of Malham village. It is not only a charming sanctuary, but it is also a must-see for Harry Potter fans. Malham Cove, Malham Tarn, and the surrounding area were used for scenes from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which makes it a fantastic spot for fans looking for Harry Potter shooting sites.

7. Ilfracombe, Devon

Ilfracombe, Devon

As a UK hidden gem, Ilfracombe ranks seventh. This town, a beautiful seaside resort, is a genuine Devon gem. Ilfracombe is a lovely place to visit at any time of the year, with its lovely pastel houses, quiet coves, and award-winning attractions. Its Victorian Tunnels Beaches are a fantastic way to appreciate the town’s coastal splendor, with water sports opportunities galore along the town’s beaches.

8. Talisker Bay, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Talisker Bay, Isle of Skye, Scotland

For the dedicated walker, Talisker Bay is a must-see location. Before relaxing on Talisker Bay’s soft sands, meander along high cliffs providing magnificent vistas. For the ultimate escape to Scotland, enjoy miles of uninterrupted views over the coast, with the soothing waterfall adding to the escapade. On your way back to your Isle of Skye vacation home, stop by the Talisker Distillery for a perfect pit stop.

9. Flamborough Head, Yorkshire

Flamborough Head, Yorkshire

Flamborough Head is one of the UK’s top hidden scenic locations, and it’s no surprise. Its magnificent vistas are worth the journey alone, but it is located in a coastal oasis between the Yorkshire Filey and Bridlington bays. Puffins and seals are often seen near Flamborough Head, which is a popular attraction for wildlife! Take the 7-mile tour of the village and over the cliffs at Flamborough Head to find flowers and watch the sunset while you’re not scouting out marine mammals.

10. Hawes, Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales are renowned for their landscapes, pastoral ambiance, and lovely cottages, so Hawes is no exception. It’s not just a wonderful place for a quiet vacation; it’s also at the head of Wensleydale (famous for its delicious cheese) and in the middle of Yorkshire Dales National Park, so there’s plenty to do. The local area offers the beauty of wandering rural, with various historic stores, markets, and eateries to explore along the way.


There you have it – the best hidden scenic places in UK. You can explore the beauty of these locations with your loved ones and feel like a local who knows every corner of her city. That is what being a local is all about! But if you are a tourist, don’t worry, because we have also listed out some amazing destinations where you can find some amazing hidden gems that will leave you speechless! Just scroll down and enjoy exploring them with your family and friends!

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