May 19, 2024
Can Online Business Bank Accounts Help Non European Residents

Can Online Business Bank Accounts Help Non-European Residents With Their Global Real Estate Goals

Globalisation continues to shape the patterns of international business and real estate markets. Many countries now realise it’s in their interest to foster closer working relationships, whether politically or otherwise.

In the UK, there have long been calls for increased globalisation efforts, with people deriding some imaginary divisions between nations. While some very real conflicts exist between some countries, those that abide by Western value systems tend to have more in common than what separates them.

Still, things aren’t perfect. Non-European residents, in particular, are often met with unique challenges in pursuing global real estate goals. However, the use of online business bank accounts can help them overcome many of these obstacles.

So, let’s delve into the potential benefits these accounts can provide non-European residents interested in global real estate investment.

The Rising Interest in Global Real Estate

The Rising Interest in Global Real Estate

Global real estate has emerged as a popular property investment strategy for individuals and businesses in recent years. Due to the potential for significant returns and diversification of investment portfolios, many non-European residents are exploring global real estate opportunities.

It’s also worth noting that the global real estate market is poised to grow exponentially until 2030. Many other perks come along with that, including:

  • The rising demand for properties that fuels further economic expansion.
  • The rising income potential from rent money as rates rise and cash flows surge. Earnings typically rise with this, as a strong real estate market is often reflective of a healthy economy.
  • The rising value of properties through capital appreciation benefits, helping people buy properties cheaply and later sell them at higher prices for profit.
  • The rising momentum of portfolio diversification. The more the global real estate market grows, the more regions and types of properties become available for widespread investment. Diversifying property portfolios minimises investment risks, too.

However, such investment can come with substantial financial hurdles, including issues with traditional banking, particularly regarding accessibility, currency exchange, and transaction costs.

The General Role of Online Business Bank Accounts

Online business bank accounts have become more attractive as digitisation has amassed investment and popularity. It’s easy to see why, too.

Unlike conventional banking, these digital platforms provide customers with 24/7 access to their accounts from anywhere in the world. This allows for swift and seamless financial transactions that are particularly beneficial in the dynamic world of real estate.

The main advantage lies in their ability to simplify the process of managing transactions for global real estate investments. These accounts often support multiple currencies, which eliminates the need for frequent, expensive currency exchanges. This flexibility is a significant factor for non-European residents, who are often subject to fluctuating exchange rates and costly banking fees when investing in international properties.

Advantages of Online Business Bank Accounts for Non-European Residents

Advantages of Online Business Bank Accounts

For non-European residents, navigating the global real estate landscape can be more complicated due to varying regulations, property laws, and banking procedures across different nations. Online business bank accounts can help alleviate these complications.

In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, online business bank accounts offer a high level of transparency. With clear, real-time information about their account status and transaction histories, investors can make more informed investment decisions.

Further, the streamlined online banking processes can result in improved efficiency, allowing non-Europeans to swiftly navigate transactions. This efficiency can prove instrumental when making time-sensitive investment decisions, a common scenario in the fast-paced real estate market where quick decision-making can be crucial for landing the savviest investments.

A leading example of a digital banking platform is Silverbird. By providing robust online banking solutions, Silverbird has positioned itself as an indispensable tool for non-European residents with global real estate aspirations. They also have resources to help open a UK bank account for non-residents too (the UK is still part of Europe, even if it’s no longer part of the European Union).

Founded by Max Faldin in 2020, Silverbird’s strengths lie in its comprehensive online banking services, which include multi-currency accounts, faster payments, and extensive international money transfer capabilities. Their onboarding process is stress-free and actually free, as well, and they’re a big hit with businesses looking to expand overseas.

The Impact on Global Real Estate Markets.

The Impact on Global Real Estate Markets

Online business bank accounts have the potential to significantly reshape global real estate markets. These platforms can help stimulate investment activity, especially among non-European residents.

One of the most direct ways that online business bank accounts could reshape global real estate markets is through enhanced liquidity. Traditionally, real estate transactions can be time-consuming and complex, especially for international purchases. Online business banking could streamline these transactions by enabling faster transfers and reducing administrative burdens. Transactions become simpler and more efficient, which means global real estate market investments are a more accessible endeavour.

Through using advanced features such as integrated financial management tools and real-time transaction updates, investors can better manage their real estate portfolios and make informed decisions based on the latest market trends. Furthermore, the potential for integrating blockchain technology can further enhance security and transparency in real estate transactions.

Ultimately, investing in property was always a savvy idea and is often considered to be one of the better things to channel money into. Online business bank accounts don’t squander that potential, contributing to more dynamic and diverse real estate markets and fostering economic growth in various regions. A wider range of confident investors can be brought to the table, all building on one another’s success partly thanks to online business bank accounts.

Potential Areas of Concern

It would be irresponsible to assume that all is perfect concerning online business bank accounts. Still, it’s a tool, and like all tools, they must be used responsibly.

Despite their numerous advantages, it is important to acknowledge that online business bank accounts may not be a perfect solution for all non-European residents. There can be challenges regarding digital literacy and trust in digital banking platforms, especially for those accustomed to traditional banking methods.

Reputable platforms like Silverbird take strong measures to protect user data and transactions, but users must also be diligent if they choose to use a different platform. Things like cyberattacks are always a possibility. If the platform a user chooses doesn’t have suitable cybersecurity measures in place, things can go south very fast.

Moreover, understanding the provider’s individual policies and fees is crucial. Online business bank accounts can potentially save investors considerable amounts of money, but this often depends on the specifics of the platform’s fee structure, so interested parties should review the fine print of these services carefully.

Users have a responsibility to make things work on their side too. After all, the functionality of online business bank accounts is inherently reliant on Internet connectivity. Any disruptions to these, such as power outages or bad Wi-Fi, can lead to interruptions in banking services, causing inconvenience and potential loss to investors.


Online business bank accounts have emerged as an empowering tool for non-Europeans seeking to venture into global real estate markets. By simplifying transactions, supporting multiple currencies, and enhancing transparency and efficiency, these accounts are challenging financial hurdles that have historically complicated international property investment. However, other factors like digital literacy, platform security, individual platform policies, and internet connectivity should be accounted for too. Nevertheless, the overall impact is transformative, stimulating investment activity and fostering more dynamic, diverse, and inclusive global real estate markets.

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