July 23, 2024
Construction Risks in Extreme Weather Conditions

Construction Risks in Extreme Weather Conditions

Most people will be aware of the risks associated with the construction industry. The slips, trips and falls and heavy machinery are some of the more hazardous reasons for injuries on construction sites, which is why it comes as no surprise that construction is the industry with the most workplace deaths according to a recent report from HSE.

How Weather Conditions Can Create New Risks for Construction Workers

However, what makes construction even more dangerous is when the weather takes a turn for the worst – something that is usually likely to happen all year round in the UK. Rain, snow, hail, and frost are some of the most hazardous conditions to work in and for the most part, construction workers are strong-willed and continue to work to complete the tasks on time. While this work ethic is commendable, maybe construction site managers should be doing a little more to protect their employees to ensure they don’t get injured when the weather conditions worsen.

To learn more about how weather conditions can create new risks for construction workers as well as your projects and what can be done to navigate these, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to support all managers in this sector. Read on to find out more.

What Are the British Weather Challenges?

What Are the British Weather Challenges

Fortunately, British construction workers won’t have to worry about a hurricane swallowing them up or a tsunami washing them away, but that doesn’t mean they’re not without risk whilst they work. The most recent data showed that it rained on roughly 150 days in 2021, which is almost half of the year. This makes the threat of flooding huge in the UK, which could damage your work and injure your employees too.

It’s not just wet weather that you should be worried about too. Last summer’s heatwave saw records smashed for the highest temperatures that this country has ever seen. Hot conditions are almost impossible to work in and can lead to dehydration or sunstroke.

This shows that the weather in the UK is something that should be feared by skilled workers and construction site managers must do more to protect the staff.

What’s the Impact That This Can Have on Projects?

What’s the Impact That This Can Have on Projects

Managers shouldn’t just be worried about their staff members, however,  with extreme weather capable of damaging the projects they’ve been working on too. Floods and landslides are legitimate threats in the UK and this can destroy all of the hard work. This can lead to a slower completion rate, increased labourer job costs, and potential penalties for missing deadlines.

What Can Be Done to Protect Your Business and Staff Members?

Protect Your Business and Staff Members

Don’t leave your livelihood to chance and put the following things in place to reduce the risk extreme weather has on your projects:

  • Consider a builders’ business insurance that can protect you from the potential consequences of harsh weather conditions. Rest assured that you’ll be covered, and your losses won’t be an issue.
  • Provide the necessary PPE for your staff members to have the most appropriate and best protection from the get-go.
  • Know when to stop working. The weather is unpredictable and comes with a force we neither can control nor defy. Protect not only your workers but also your materials and projects by knowing when to call it a day.

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