July 23, 2024
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Event Jobs in London – Top 12 Best Vacancies

The job of event management is more exciting than it appears. Every year, events play a significant role in the lives of many people. Whether they are organizations or individuals, events help in bringing people together and make them aware of various causes. Most importantly, they attract a large number of people who have fun while being exposed to new things. There is no dearth of job opportunities for event managers in London. The city is full of events that require the help of event managers. If you’re interested in working as an event manager, check out our list of the top 12 event jobs in London! These jobs offer a unique and exciting perspective on the world of events and are perfect for anyone looking to explore new opportunities and work in a dynamic and exciting environment.

Event Jobs in London – Top 12 Best Vacancies

1. Education and Activist Events Assistant

Education and Activist Events Assistant

Event jobs in London can be very rewarding and exciting, and the education and activist events assistant is a great example of this. This position basically involves assisting organizers with all aspects of their event, from planning to logistics to security. The ideal candidate will have experience working in a similar environment, have excellent organizational skills, and be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The education and activist events assistant is a high-energy position that requires a lot of stamina and attention to detail. If you’re looking for an opportunity that will challenge you both mentally and physically, then this may be the perfect job for you.

2. Events Administrator

Events Administrator

An Events Administrator is a vital position in an event company. The job involves managing the overall running of an event and creating and managing the event budget. This job entails organizing and running the event logistics, such as venue management and travel arrangements. Additionally, it involves liaising with sponsors and other stakeholders to create a successful event. An Events Administrator is also responsible for coordinating volunteers and staff members involved in the event. The job requires a thorough understanding of event management and event planning. It also requires excellent communication skills and computer proficiency. An Events Administrator should have a degree in a related field, such as events management or marketing, and experience working in an event-related role is preferred.

3. Onsite Events Planner – Associate

Onsite Events Planner - Associate

This role involves planning and executing onsite events. The job requires excellent organisational skills and meticulous attention to detail. As an employee in this role, you will be responsible for managing the planning and execution of events, from conception to completion. You must be knowledgeable in event management and catering, and have experience working with a diverse range of audiences. Besides being able to plan events well, you should also be able to handle customer enquiries with tact and patience. Additionally, associates must be able to work independently as well as within a team. At the same time, they must be conscientious and skilled at problem-solving. Due to the high level of responsibility involved, it’s vital that you possess strong organizational skills and a thorough knowledge of event management and catering.

4. Communities and Events Coordinator

Communities and Events Coordinator

The job of the Communities and Events Coordinator is to work with communities and event organizers to promote and create events. This job requires a good grasp of event planning, marketing, and financial management. The coordinator guides and promotes events to the community, organizes marketing materials, and manages the event budget. The coordinator conducts interviews with potential event sponsors, creates and manages social media accounts for events, and coordinates with other departments within the organization to promote events. In addition, the job requires thorough knowledge of event planning and coordinating. The perfect candidate for this position should have experience in event planning and be able to manage various aspects of an event.

5. Sporting & Events Assistant

Sporting & Events Assistant

The Sporting & Events Assistant provides support for a variety of sporting and event activities. This position requires good communication and organizational skills. The job requires a keen interest in the sports you are supporting and a passion for events. In addition, the job requires excellent customer service skills. A good understanding of event management is essential, as is the ability to work independently as well as under pressure. The Sporting & Events Assistant must be able to work evenings, weekends, and holidays as required. The job also involves working with other team members and with external event professionals. To ensure that all athletes, volunteers, and spectators have an enjoyable experience at events, the job requires a keen eye for detail and the ability to problem-solve on the fly.

6. Meeting and Events Technician

Meeting and Events Technician

A meeting and event technician is a person who works with event planners and organizers to ensure the smooth running of events. They manage the details of an event, from setting up tables and chairs to overseeing audio-visual equipment and monitoring the crowd. They must have excellent communication skills and be able to multitask well. Moreover, they must be organized and efficient, which means they should be able to meet tight deadlines. In terms of salary, a meeting and event technician earns around £20,000 per year. If you are interested in working as a meeting and event technician, it’s best for your life career.

7. Events Assistant

Events Assistant

An events assistant is a person responsible for organizing and managing events in the field of event management. They are involved in planning, booking, marketing, and day-to-day management of events. You’ll need to be creative and organized to handle all aspects of event management. You’ll also need to have excellent communication and organizational skills to keep track of events. You’ll need to be familiar with event management software and platforms such as Eventbrite and Google Ads. In addition, you’ll need to be detail-oriented, capable of working under pressure, and able to prioritize tasks.

8. Exhibitions and Events Co-ordinator

Exhibitions and Events Co-ordinator

If you’re looking for a job that will give you the opportunity to work with a variety of different people, then an exhibitions and events coordinator might be the perfect role for you. This is a position that is responsible for planning and organizing all the events that take the best place at a museum or gallery. It also includes working with sponsors and dealing with any external requests that come in related to these events. The exhibitions and events coordinator may also be involved in other duties, such as coordinating educational programs or arranging special exhibitions. In short, this is a position that requires a lot of strategic thinking and communication skills. If you’re able to combine these skills with a genuine passion for art and culture, then this could be the perfect job for you.

9. Events Officer

Events Officer

The Events Officer is responsible for the overall running of an event and ensures that everything runs smoothly. The role involves creating a detailed plan of events, coordinating with other departments, and monitoring the execution of various tasks. Besides, they are responsible for promoting events through various channels and managing the budgeting. The job demands excellent organizational and communication skills as the Events Officer is required to liaise with multiple stakeholders to ensure the smooth execution of events. They must have knowledge of event planning software and understand online marketing strategies. The key requirements for this position include great customer service skills, a good sense of judgment, and the ability to handle difficult situations calmly and professionally. Most importantly, the Events Officer should have excellent written and verbal English skills.

10. Events Producer – PPD

Events Producer - PPD

As an events producer, you will be responsible for planning, staging, and managing various events. This is a challenging but rewarding career path that will give you the opportunity to work in some of the most prestigious venues and meeting rooms in London. If you are looking for a career change that will give you plenty of opportunities to meet new people and develop your skills, this is the position for you. As an events producer, you will be required to have excellent organizational skills and a good sense of timing and resource management. You will also need to be able to communicate effectively with clients and staff members, as well as stay on top of changing trends in the event industry.

11. Events Professional

Events Professional

If you’re looking for a fun, rewarding job that keeps you busy all year round, consider becoming an events professional. This career involves working with clients to organize and manage events, from small gatherings to large-scale festivals and concerts. Events professionals typically have a degree in event management or marketing, and they need to be able to think on their feet and stay calm under pressure. They also need good communication skills, as they’ll be required to liaise with clients and other stakeholders throughout the planning process. There are lots of opportunities available for event professionals in London – either as self-employed consultants or in companies that specialize in event management. The best way to find out if this is the right career for you is to research different career options online and see which ones appeal to you the most.

12. Events Specialist

Events Specialist

If you’re passionate about events and want to be part of the shaping of culture, then a career as an event specialist might be the perfect fit for you. As an event specialist, you will be responsible for planning and staging events, as well as working on promotional campaigns. You’ll need excellent organisational skills as well as strong marketing and PR abilities to succeed in this field. There are many different event jobs available in London, so it’s important that you research which one is best suited for your skills and talents. Once you’ve identified a job that interests you, take the time to learn more about it so that you can show your best performance when applying.


Looking for some great event jobs in London? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best event jobs in London, providing you with everything you need to know about these positions and how to apply. From event planning to marketing and catering, these jobs are perfect for anyone looking to get involved in the London event industry.

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