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Production Assistant Jobs – Top 12 Jobs in UK

The production assistant is an indispensable part of all production teams. Serving as a liaison between the production team and the director, the production assistant’s primary responsibility is to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the film set. They coordinate with all members of the team, keep track of production schedules, and ensure that equipment is well-maintained and running at its optimum performance.

In addition to their organizational and logistical roles, production assistants are often called upon to help with tasks such as camera work, sound recording, and dialog recording. In addition to their work on sets, they also assist in the planning stages of films and are often present during filming as well. The production assistant has a large number of responsibilities on film sets, but it doesn’t stop there – they also take part in post-production editing and sound mixing.

Production Assistant Jobs – Top 12 Jobs in UK

1. Production Assistant

Production Assistant

As a production assistant, you’ll help to organize and manage production tasks, ensuring that the production process runs smoothly. You’ll also be responsible for ensuring that the production process is safe, secure, and efficient. This could include monitoring equipment and supplies, reviewing work plans and schedules, and processing paperwork. You’ll need excellent communication and organizational development skills to carry out these tasks with ease. This means being able to handle multiple projects with ease and ensuring projects are completed on time. In some cases, you may be required to wear safety gear such as a hard hat or goggles. Your salary as a production assistant will vary depending on your experience and qualifications. However, you can expect to earn between £8.50 and £15 per hour in the UK.

2. Assistant Production Manager

Assistant Production Manager

An Assistant Production Manager is responsible for the coordination, management, and supervision of production activities in a manufacturing or production environment. This job requires excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to multitask. In addition, an APM should have knowledge of production processes and be able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. An APM’s salary starts from £37,000 at a minimum and can go up to £50,000. Many employers look for experience in this field as well. So if you are looking for a role that requires meticulous planning and organizational skills, this job is for you.

3. VFX Production Assistant

VFX Production Assistant

VFX production assistants are responsible for supervising and managing the production of visual effects shots. They must have good communication and organizational skills, as they must be able to work independently and follow instructions to ensure the correct production is carried out. They must also have experience in post-production and graphics software such as Maya, After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator, as they must be able to handle deadlines well and have good problem-solving skills. In addition, they must have experience in filmmaking, as this is an essential part of the role. Finally, they should be able to handle any given situation well, having gained experience over time. Overall, a VFX production assistant has a crucial role in the filmmaking process, ensuring that all aspects of the production run smoothly and that the final product is of high quality.

4. Catering Production Assistant

Catering Production Assistant

A Catering production assistant helps prepare and serve food in a restaurant or catering business. They need good communication and organizational skills. A Catering production assistant must be able to work quickly and efficiently. They must be able to handle various types of food, including hot and heavy items. Catering production assistants need to be able to lift weights and carry heavy objects. They must have good manual dexterity and a sense of balance. In return, they would get a chance to learn how a restaurant works and develop their culinary skills. A successful Catering production assistant would be able to work with both chefs and servers, helping them with their tasks. Hence, they can develop their cooking abilities as well as their interpersonal skills.

5. Assistant Production Co-ordinator​

Assistant Production Co-ordinator

As an assistant production coordinator, you’ll be in charge of coordinating the various stages of production, from pre-production through to post-production. You will be responsible for ensuring that all production needs are met on time, and will also be in charge of coordinating the various departments involved such as camera operators, production assistants, and other crew members. In addition to your day-to-day responsibilities, you will make sure that every production runs smoothly and without any hiccups. To become an assistant production coordinator, you should have previous experience in stage management or production. This would help you understand the different departments involved in producing a film and help you coordinate them effectively.

6. Flexible Production Operative

Flexible Production Operative

A flexible production operative is a highly-skilled worker in a manufacturing or production setting. This person typically has a degree in business, industrial engineering, or a related field. Production operatives typically have experience working with machinery and equipment essential to manufacturing or production processes. They must be able to work independently and as part of a team. Production operatives typically have excellent problem-solving and communication skills. Candidates for the flexible production position should have good computer skills and an understanding of production processes. The average salary for a flexible production operative is £21,000 per year. In general, the flexible production operative is one of the most demanding jobs in the UK today.

7. Videographer and Editor

Videographer and Editor

Videographer and editor jobs are highly sought-after due to the increasing popularity of video content online. As video content becomes more popular, so too does the need for videographers and editors. These professionals are responsible for the shooting, filming, scripting, and editing videos for various purposes. They also work with video footage and audio recordings to create polished videos.

The job of a videographer or editor involves multiple tasks such as scripting, shooting, post-production, etc. They must have great media sequencing skills and excellent editing chops to handle these tasks effectively. Besides, they must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously while working on a project. With so many opportunities available in this field, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pursue a career in this exciting field!

8. Junior Product Operations Manager

Junior Product Operations Manager

A Junior Product Operations Manager is responsible for the coordination and management of production operations within the assigned business unit or division. This includes developing and implementing production processes, procedures, and standards for assigned products. Additionally, the Junior Product Operations Manager is responsible for monitoring production activities and ensuring that products are delivered on time. This position also involves reviewing and approving product specifications, managing inventory levels, and overseeing quality assurance processes. In addition to these duties, the Junior Product Operations Manager may be responsible for conducting customer surveys and analyzing customer feedback data. Finally, this position may develop marketing strategies for assigned products/markets and conduct employee training on product operations techniques and procedures.

9. Digital Production Assistant

Digital Production Assistant

The digital production assistant job is a role in the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking and video production. In this role, you will be responsible for assisting with the day-to-day tasks of a film or video producer. You’ll organize and manage equipment, prepare materials, and liaise with other members of the crew. You will also be required to perform various technical tasks, such as filming and editing. The digital production assistant job is an entry-level position that offers many opportunities for growth. If you’re interested in a career in film or video production, the digital production assistant job is a great place to start.

10. Post Production Assistant

Post Production Assistant

A post production assistant is a crucial part of any film, television, or video production team. These specialist roles vary greatly depending on the project they are working on, but a typical post production assistant’s responsibilities would include managing file management, monitoring, and tracking shots, creating LUTs and dailies for editing, and compiling media assets for delivery. They must be able to work with creative directors on ideas and storyboards and also be proficient in digital editing software. A post production assistant should also have excellent organizational skills and be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. In addition to this, they must have a good working knowledge of colour grading and grading tools. Overall, post production assistants are vital members of any production team who perform a range of essential duties to ensure the final product is presented correctly.

11. Studio Production Co-Ordinator

Studio Production Co-Ordinator

The studio production co-ordinator is a vital part of any recording studio. They are responsible for ensuring that the studio runs smoothly, and that all workers are following safety procedures. They may be in charge of hiring, managing, disciplining and training studio workers, and they are also responsible for budgeting and organising work schedules. The person must have excellent organisational skills and be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. This role involves overseeing all aspects of a recording session, from the beginning to the end.

12. Production Coordinator

Production Coordinator

The production coordinator is responsible for coordinating the flow of materials and products through a manufacturing or production process. In this role, you must have strong communication and coordination skills. You must also be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and make quick decisions. The production coordinator must have a thorough understanding of manufacturing processes and be able to troubleshoot issues as needed.

The production coordinator must have a background in logistics and be comfortable taking detailed notes. This position requires good organizational skills and the ability to multitask effectively. In addition to overseeing production operations, the production coordinator may also help with budgets, scheduling, and other organizational duties. The salary for this role can vary greatly depending on experience and the industry you’re in.


If you are looking for production assistant jobs in the UK, production coordinator, production assistant, and production assistant jobs are booming. This is because production assistants are being hired by most production companies across the country. If you want to be a part production assistant, it is essential that you have an understanding of how a product works. Besides, having good organizational skills and being detail-oriented are also key. There are plenty of production assistant training programs in the country that can help you learn the basics of being a production assistant.

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