April 14, 2024
Exodus Travels and The Inspiration Project

Exodus Travels and The Inspiration Project

Everyone ought to be given the chance to learn more about their surroundings. That’s certainly what the people at Exodus Travels believe. Their foundation has been doing incredible work to inspire children and help them connect with their land and heritage. The Inspiration Project reaches communities across the globe with some very important ambitions.

Exodus Travels and The Inspiration Project

It’s a charitable initiative set up by adventure and walking holiday specialist Exodus Travels. The project aims to offer disadvantaged children, many of whom have rarely left their towns and villages, the opportunity to travel – something they would rarely get the chance to do normally.

The foundation organises day trips taking groups to national landmarks and heritage sites in their own country. These educational trips look to broaden the horizons of children, hopefully inspiring them to protect their land and culture as they grow older.

This incredible initiative is taking steps to reach out to those with the fewest opportunities, using travel to enrich their lives and empower their futures.

Who Has the Project Helped?

Exodus Travels launched the initiative in 2017, aiming to take 2017 children from deprived backgrounds on special journeys that year. Since then, more than 6000 children from 30 different countries have ventured to some of the most iconic sites around the world, with the support and guidance of travel leaders from The Exodus Travels Foundation.

A group travelled to the Naboisho Conservancy in Kenya to learn about conservation and admire breathtaking animals close up. Elephants, lions and cubs were among the wonders of the day, but even just travelling in a car was a new outdoor activity for some. Different experiences outside of the classroom helped these children to engage with the land around them, hopefully inspiring them to protect it as they get older.

Elsewhere, Cambodian children visited the stunning Angkor Wat temple, in India some laid their eyes on the Taj Mahal for the first time and Bosnian children headed out of the city and ventured into the Sutjeska National Park in a dramatic change of landscape. Every continent has something to offer and, fortunately, the project has reached nearly every corner of the world.

The Inspiration Project is a brilliant initiative designed to inspire and empower the next generation across the globe. Providing children from disadvantaged communities the chance to explore the wonders of their homeland helps to educate them about their own heritage and the importance of the natural world around them. Such a rare opportunity can leave a lasting impression on these individuals. Hopefully, every child will get the chance one day.

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