April 14, 2024
How To Make Your Commercial Building More Attractive To Potential Clients

How To Make Your Commercial Building More Attractive To Potential Clients

Are you looking for ways to make your commercial building more attractive to potential clients? Although it might be difficult to compete with other businesses, there are still great options to consider. You can enhance your commercial building from the inside and out in a few easy steps, which can also help you boost its value. It’s important to keep your commercial building well-maintained, so you should remember to check on various details regularly to ensure that you are not going to miss anything. Below you will find a few fun ideas that you can use to make a great first impression on potential clients.

10 Ways To Make Your Commercial Building More Attractive To Potential Clients

1. Get New Signage

Get New Signage

Your signage is one of the first things that potential clients will see, so it’s crucial to ensure that it’s in great condition. It’s possible that your signage can become a bit dated, which won’t look good to passers-by. Updating your signage will help you create and uphold a professional image and show clients that your successful business cares about the small details. Consider the overall style that you are trying to achieve and focus on perfecting your signage so that it represents your company in the best way possible.

2. Fix The Roof

It can also be a good idea to fix any roof damage that might be causing trouble for your business. If you want to ensure the best results, you may want to work with an experienced and vetted roofer. You can find roofers near you by using MyBuilder, which is a handy tool, that will save you hundreds of hours of stressful searching. They provide an excellent matchmaking system, which allows you to connect with local roofers, ensuring that you will be in control from the beginning. This way, you can build a flexible working relationship with a qualified professional, that you can count on.

3. Update The Front Door

Another key element that you will need to consider is your front door. This is another great example of how first impressions can help you win new clients. If your front door doesn’t look presentable, your clients may enter your building thinking that you are not serious about what you are doing. Therefore, it’s essential to give your front door a makeover before inviting new clients to visit your office. It can be beneficial to choose a bright and welcoming door, which encourages people to come in.

4. Change The Lighting Scheme

The way you light your commercial building can also make a difference to how your clients feel inside. For example, if your premises are dark and there isn’t much natural light coming from the windows, clients might not feel as comfortable. Be sure to update the lighting scheme to make your facility more attractive and welcoming. It can be a good idea to look for new fixtures, which will give your building a refreshed look. Look out for lighting innovations and trends that you can take advantage of in your building.

5. Make The Building More Accessible

Make The Building More Accessible

Make sure that your building is easy to navigate for everyone, regardless of whether they are in the reception area or trying to go to a different floor. You should check that your building can be accessed by people with disabilities or those who have difficulties walking or using the stairs. It can also be helpful to invest in more than one lift to make things easier for people, especially when the building gets busy and crowded. Moreover, this can be a fantastic way to increase the value of your business premises.

6. Look For Ways To Save Energy

You can make your commercial building more energy-efficient in a variety of ways, which will also help you keep costs down.

There are different strategies that you can try, such as:

  • installing LED lights, as well as energy-efficient windows
  • checking how much energy you are using each month by getting smart meters
  • introducing solar panels
  • doing some draught-proofing
  • adding external wall insulation
  • increasing natural lighting

In addition, you should remember to use climate control carefully. For example, in the winter, you may want to turn down the heat a bit to save energy and avoid leaving the air conditioning on for too long during the summer.

7. Incorporate Greenery

Incorporate Greenery

Getting office plants and flowers is a cost-effective way to make your building more pleasant and welcoming to new visitors. This can also be a great way to add more colour and vibrancy to your workplace. Moreover, plants are also known to improve air quality, reduce noise levels, and improve concentration. As a result, this can help you improve the environment in your office, making it more likely to seal the deal with an important client. Take a look at different options to find the ones that will work for your office, such as aloe, cactus, begonia, or others.

8. Improve Your Outdoor Space

Don’t forget to take care of your outdoor space as well, as there might be certain details that you are forgetting about. For example, if there is some rubbish outside, you should make sure that it’s removed as soon as possible. Also, if there is remedial work that needs to be done, be sure to take care of it before potential clients have the chance to walk by your premises. It might be helpful to work with a landscaping expert, who can give you guidance on how to tidy up your outdoor space better.

9. Add The Right Amenities

Add The Right Amenities

Having the right amenities shows potential clients that you know what they need. For example, you may want to consider adding different areas for socialising and meetings, where your employees can welcome clients and show them around. It’s also crucial to ensure that there is secure Wi-Fi throughout the building to avoid any connectivity issues. Additionally, make sure that there is a big parking lot where clients can park their cars without having to pay for parking somewhere else. These amenities will make getting to and around your building much easier.

10. Ensure Security

Security is another key point that can help make potential clients feel more comfortable and safer in your building. Therefore, you may want to conduct a few inspections to check that everything is in order. For instance, you should:

  • ensure that fire escapes aren’t blocked
  • confirm that fire extinguishers are working properly
  • add an alarm system so that visitors can feel at peace
  • provide employees with proper training
  • introduce a door entry system
  • comply with health and safety regulations

It’s essential to carry out a risk assessment to identify the weak points in your profitable business and anticipate any problems that might occur.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, the external appearance of your commercial building will play a crucial role in attracting new clients and increasing sales, so you should focus on keeping it in top condition. Although you may be busy tackling other tasks and you may not want to think about boosting your curb appeal as much, it’s important to remember that the outside is what potential clients see first. This means that it’s worth investing time and money into property improvements that will make a difference in the long run. With a bit of effort and dedication, you can achieve a lot and grow your client list in no time.

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