April 14, 2024
successful businesses to start in uk

Successful Businesses to Start in UK – Top 10 Most Successful Businesses

When it comes to starting up your own business, there’s a million different things you must take into account. For example, what will you sell? What size of premises will you need? Is your chosen industry one that’s in high demand and has healthy growth prospects? These are just some of the questions that budding entrepreneurs naturally ask themselves when they’re taking the first few steps down the ladder of entrepreneurship.

Successful Businesses to Start in UK – Top 10 Most Successful Businesses

1. Craft Stall

Craft Stall

This is one of the fast-growing businesses in the United Kingdom, according to research by simply business. If you like to sell crafts online means that is a great way of joining a thrilling industry. There are some of the skills are needed to start your craft stall business. There are, you have to make and develop new products, negotiate with suppliers and also buy needed materials, you have to market your products and sell them, keep business records, and fill out documents (tax returns).

Some of the ideas for craft stalls: Are upcycling, soap making, gift baskets, and candle making.

2. Online Retailer

Online Retailer

Through this business, you can sell your products online and you can accept credit cards for payments from buying consumers. For this, everything you need to do is you should run a successful retail website. There are some the features there for an awesome online retail business: content management, powerful store analytics, mobile commerce, 24/7 support, seamless ordering, and marketing. For this job, you should need to develop a brand name. This is one of the most important in this business.

3. Photographer


This is one of the growing businesses in the United Kingdom. For this job, you must have the following things, such as camera, multiple lenses and flashes, memory cards, external drives, a laptop or computer, and a website for advertisement.

If you’re interested in photography means, first you have to write your business plan such as,

  • A short, clear, and overview of your photography business. That means you need to plan an executive summary.
  • Consistently you need to search for the right opportunity for this job.
  • Execution is the most important thing you need to explain your business sales, marketing, logistics, and business strategies.
  • Financial plan.

4. Handyman


It means you have to do various types of home repair services which means maintenance, repair changing bulbs and fuses, painting, decorating, clearing areas of waste and foliage, assembling furniture or equipment, plumbing jobs at the basic level, and basic gardening or landscaping maintenance. For this business, you need exterior and interior skills. Through this job, you can earn £18,000 to £25,000 a year.

For this job, you must have the following things, such as basic tools, cordless drill, sanders and planers, vacuum, saws (electrical and manual), step ladders, long extension cables, painting stuff, and storage bins. You have to apply for public liability insurance for this job. This insurance is a key cover for the handyman. And you have to need personal accident insurance and tool insurance.

5. Caterer


This business is one of the best businesses in the United Kingdom. If you are interested and have broad knowledge of cooking means, you can start a catering business without a second thought. A catering business plan includes, you have to look at competitors in your surrounding areas, you have to think the right food for people, you have to think about where you feel comfortable working, you have to prepare a draft menu, need to create the right business plan, seek financing, and your food business to be licensed, and create the network.

You can take bulk orders from a birthday party, wedding, or anniversary and then you can grow rapidly.

6. Market Trader

Market Trader

If you are interested in the product or want to get a feel for buying and selling goods, setting up a stall is a good option for your growth. Mostly, markets are vibrant places and a huge part of British culture. In this business, you can be your boss, times are also flexible, and you can manage your career growth. One of the most important keys is your online presence is beneficial for selling your products online.

Some of the market stall ideas include,

  • Farmer’s markets
  • Vintage cloths
  • Gifts, decorations, and foods for functions
  • Hot food stalls
  • Handmade Jewelry

7. Teaching


The teaching profession is a heart-touching job for some people because it will give satisfaction and you can get in-depth knowledge about particular subjects. “To teach is to learn twice over,” said Joseph Joubert. This is one of the most demanding jobs in the United Kingdom. There is more opportunity for teaching professionals because the population is increasing. They are using different types of methods while teaching such as projects, whole class work or group work, practical work, and discussions.

Their salary is depending on their range of classes and schools. You can do online teaching also as a work-from-home mode.

8. Home Baking

Home Baking

You know what? Baking is a top professional business in the UK. You’re wondering about how to start a baking professional from home? The 1st step is you have to register as self-employed, you should get a food hygiene certificate, register your premises (for this you can use the food business registration tool), and sort your home baking insurance (for this you need to get public liability insurance and product liability insurance, stock insurance, tools insurance, and employer’s liability insurance)

9. Dog Walkers

Dog Walkers

Britain is a nation of dog lovers, but they don’t have time to walk their dogs. So, this is one of the businesses to start your own business. In this business, you need some insurance like public liability insurance, a police CRB check, flyers, and business cards. Some of the advice for dog walkers include you should provide your customers with confidence, you should research your competitors, and enroll in a course.

10. Accountant


Starting an accountant firm in the UK is easy if you have all the requirements. In this job, you should know the everyday status.

Some of the steps for an accountant job:

  • You should know your aims and objectives
  • Procure the right accounting qualifications
  • You should know your everyday job status
  • Realize your business structure
  • You must have a practicing license
  • Business name is most important
  • Have a shareholder agreement
  • Insurance
  • Requirements of the regulatory body
  • Incorporation notification
  • Find clients

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