July 23, 2024
photography jobs in london

Photography Jobs in London – Top 10 Photographer Jobs

Are you looking for a new photography job in the city of London? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the top 10 photographer jobs in London and provide information on each one, including the salary, hours, and requirements. We’ll also provide tips on how to get your foot in the door and how to prepare for a career in photography. So whether you’re looking for your first photography job or you’re already working as a photographer and want to find new opportunities, this blog is for you.

Photography Jobs in London – Top 10 Photographer Jobs

1. Specialist Clinical Photographer

Specialist Clinical Photographer

The Specialist Clinical Photographer is responsible for creating high-quality images of patients in a medical setting. The job requires photographers to have professional-level editing and design skills, as well as the ability to work quickly and efficiently under pressure. A good understanding of medical imaging is essential, as is comfortability working with medical equipment and electronic files. The Specialist Clinical Photographer must be able to handle difficult photographic situations, such as bright sunlight and low-light settings, and possess the ability to take detailed images and produce excellent prints.

The requirements vary depending on the type of medical setting, but generally, it involves working with a team of other professionals to ensure that the images are accurate, creative, and meet the desired output. Overall, a Specialist Clinical Photographer must be able to communicate effectively, be thorough and meticulous in his or her work, and be proficient in editing and design.

2. Onsite Photographer

Onsite Photographer

As an onsite photographer, you’d work in a variety of settings, including events, corporate photography, and photo shoots. You’d need to be skilled in using a variety of photographic equipment, including cameras and lenses. On the job, you’d need to have strong communication and interpersonal skills. This would help you communicate with clients, plan shoots efficiently, and get creative ideas across. Besides this, you must have a keen eye for detail and be able to capture delicate moments. Lastly, you must possess professional ethics and be able to handle any situation professionally and respectfully. Besides these requirements, it is essential that you have a passion and interest in photography.

3. Video and Photography Executive

Video and Photography Executive

A video and photography executive oversees the entire production process, from cinematography to post-production. They typically coordinate with other departments within a company to create cohesive visuals. A video and photography executive may manage a team of photographers or videographers, who have experience in advertising or filmmaking. As technology evolves, they must be adept at using imaging software and hardware. A video and photography executive’s role is vital to the success of any marketing campaign. It can help bring ideas to life with engaging visuals, making it easier for viewers to connect with the message.

4. Social Media Campaign Executive

Social Media Campaign Executive

The Social Media Campaign Executive is responsible for the day-to-day running of social media campaigns. This role involves managing the social media strategy, overseeing online advertising and marketing, and analyzing data to determine which campaigns are effective. In this position, you will have experience in managing a social media team and producing high-quality content. You will have a strong knowledge of online advertising and marketing techniques, as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills. Your responsibilities will include budgeting and creating long-term strategic planning for social media campaigns. The ideal candidate for this role has experience in digital marketing, with a focus on social media. They should also have excellent organizational and writing skills, along with a passion for developing strategic insights into social media campaigns.

5. Freelance Junior Content Creator

Freelance Junior Content Creator

If you’re a photographer looking for a new challenge, freelancing as a content creator might be the perfect fit. You’d be able to work independently and create high-quality content on your own terms. Besides, you’d have the freedom to choose the projects you’d like to work on and set your own schedule. However, it’s important to have experience writing and creating content before embarking on a freelance journey. You must be passionate about photography, have the time and energy to commit to freelance work, and be available to work remotely.

Lastly, you must be able to provide images and videos of high quality and be willing to go the extra mile for your clients. Also, having a portfolio of published work can help prove your worth as a professional content creator. As for qualifications, a college education is an advantage but isn’t mandatory for becoming a freelance content creator. Also, having technical skills such as mastering digital photography or video editing is an added advantage.

6. Property Photographer and Videographer

Property Photographer and Videographer

A property photographer takes pictures of houses, flats, and other properties in order to capture the layout, condition, and features of the property. These are used for marketing purposes, press releases, and online listings. A videographer records footage of people, events, and other activities for use in videos, documentaries, or advertising. They are often seen at music festivals, political rallies, and sporting events. A Property photographer works for businesses to take pictures of products and packaging for use in advertising and marketing materials. This job involves working with a camera crew to capture images during shooting assignments.

7. Creative Services Producer

Creative Services Producer

The Creative Services Producer is responsible for all creative aspects of the photography department, from developing and executing creative plans to managing the day-to-day workflow of photography professionals. They work with clients, photographers, and other creative team members to create unique photographic experiences. The role requires excellent communication and coordination skills as they work with a wide range of stakeholders. The successful candidate should have a degree in photography or graphic design and at least two years of experience in photojournalism or commercial photography. The ideal candidate should also be able to multi-task and deal with pressure while meeting deadlines. To be successful in this position, you will need strong organizational skills and a passion for creativity.

8. Senior Auction Photographer

Senior Auction Photographer

A senior auction photographer is a person who works on the front lines of an auction house. They’re responsible for taking and processing photos of individual items and organizing the entire sale. They capture each item with care, ensuring that pictures are taken from all angles to accurately depict the item’s condition. A senior auction photographer is also responsible for managing their team, planning sessions, and communicating with the buyers and sellers. This job requires a strong grasp of photography, auctioning skills, and organizational abilities. A thorough understanding of photography technology is essential as well since this job involves more than taking photos.

Senior auction photographers are trained to understand the different aspects of bidding at an auction house, including legal requirements and auction house policy. To become a senior auction photographer, you should have experience in photography and have a business- or journalism-related degree. Knowledge of photo editing software is also required.

Besides a reasonable salary and benefits, you can also make money by freelance working as a senior auction photographer. This job offers great opportunities to learn new essential life skills and develop your creative abilities.

9. Photographic Senior Art Director

Photographic Senior Art Director

As a senior photographic art director, you will be responsible for the overall look and feel of a photography project. You will be responsible for working with photographers to ensure the project meets all its goals and specifications. You will be responsible for scouting new talent and finding new ways to market the photography brand. You will be in charge of developing marketing plans and campaigns for the photography business. You will be in charge of setting budgets and making sure that all expenses are within the set parameters. As a senior position, you will be in charge of overseeing the photography team, ensuring that quality is consistently high across all projects. You will also be responsible for leading discussions about photography trends and ideas, ensuring that your organization stays ahead of the game.

10. Freelance Interior Photographer

Freelance Interior Photographer

Interior photography is one of the most popular types of photography due to its versatility and ability to tell a story. As a freelancer, you can take photos of any part of a client’s house from different perspectives and angles. This job involves taking pictures of interiors such as homes, offices, and hotels for design and advertising purposes. To be successful, you will need to be skilled in digital photography and Adobe Photoshop. You will also need good knowledge of lighting and composition. Most interior jobs require you to be comfortable with digital cameras, shooting in natural light, and working quickly.


If you’re looking for a new career or just want to explore some new opportunities, photography may be a good option for you. With so many opportunities available in the photography industry, it can be hard to know where to start. In this post, we will highlight 10 of the most popular photographer jobs in London. By reading through this list, you’ll be able to get an idea of the types of jobs available and the skills you’ll need to qualify for them.

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