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How To Buy the Best Plastic Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is needed for planting seeds, taking cuttings, and caring for your young plants in severe winter conditions if you’re a serious gardener.

You’ll need a nice greenhouses kit to start, whether you want to produce crops like tomatoes or plant a gorgeous collection of pansies.

In the United Kingdom, you may pick from a variety of various brands, as well as a variety of different sorts and sizes.

So, in this post, we’ll go over how to pick the finest greenhouse for gardening in 2022, as well as possible alternatives for each kind or brand.

Plastic Greenhouse – 5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing

1. How Big of a Greenhouse Should I Get?

How Big of a Greenhouse Should I Get

The shortest answer to this question is the longest one.

We’ve yet to meet a gardener who regrets not having a larger greenhouse. Gardening is as addicting as it is gratifying, so you’ll rapidly fill your greenhouse.

Of course, you’ll need to ensure adequate space to reach and maintain your greenhouse. Except for lean-to greenhouses (more on them later), you should allow at least the width of a wheelbarrow between the sides of your greenhouse and any neighbouring walls, fences, hedges, or trees. This allows you to clean the glass, treat the wood (if necessary), and perform any necessary repairs. Also, keep in mind that doors and vents must be free to open.

2. Where Should My Greenhouse Be Located?

Where Should My Greenhouse Be Located

Ideally, you should place your glasshouse in the area of your garden that receives the most sunlight throughout the day.

A location protected from chilly northerly winds is also recommended.

Consider space, as mentioned in the preceding question. Check that you can still easily care for your hedges, trees, and plants. Acquiring a greenhouse is pointless to ignore the other flora in your yard.

If you have a tiny outdoor space, you’ll want to arrange your glasshouse so that you may maximise your garden space. This conveniently leads us to the next significant concern…

3. What Greenhouse Design Should I Select?

Most people think of two types of greenhouses: standard and lean-to.

Traditional greenhouses

Traditional greenhouses are similar to most other garden structures in that they have four walls and gables that lead up to an apex-style pointed roof.

Of course, there are minor variations on this theme, with some (generally bigger) greenhouses having more rounded shapes where the walls meet the roof or even slanted panels connecting the two.

Traditional greenhouses look great if you have enough garden area.

Greenhouses using a Lean-To

Lean-to greenhouses, as the name implies, are constructed to lean or rest against a flat surface, often a wall or fence. They feature a pent-style shed that slopes away from the building.

Lean-to greenhouses are popular with those who have smaller gardens because of their space-saving designs, but bigger ones, known as sunrooms and resembling conservatories, are also popular.

Greenhouses with Unique Designs

Traditional greenhouse structures and lean-tos are not the only options available. Several creative designs are available, such as hexagonal greenhouses and taller ones with compact footprints and various openings.

Again, if your garden area is limited, these greenhouses are great.

4. Do I Need a Greenhouse Foundation?

We’ll go to the greenhouse foundation since you’ll need to arrange this before your greenhouse is delivered.

A greenhouse foundation is extremely necessary for your greenhouse’s functioning and endurance; therefore, do not go without one under any circumstances.

You must only decide whether to build the base yourself or purchase one already constructed.

Creating a Greenhouse Foundation

If you love doing practical things, go for it…

Raising your greenhouse foundation a few millimetres above ground level is an excellent idea. This protects the frame from ground dampness and allows the doors to open easily.

Bases around the perimeter

Some gardeners prefer a perimeter-only foundation, which allows for direct planting in the ground within the greenhouse. If you go this route, remember that rats may dig inside the greenhouse.

Please remember that perimeter bases are often included with the greenhouse, so don’t go to the expense of creating one before choosing your new greenhouse.

Ready-made Greenhouse Foundations

We have a variety of prefabricated plastic greenhouse foundation kits in all the most common greenhouse sizes. These bases have the apparent benefit of being significantly simpler to lay than concrete slabs.

5. What Is the Best Type of Greenhouse Frame?

The primary option here is between aluminium and wood.

Frames made of aluminium

The bulk of contemporary greenhouses is built with an aluminium frame. The major benefits of this sort of frame are that it is strong, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and rust-resistant.

Greenhouse aluminium frames are typically silver in colour. However, powder-coated finishes in green or black are becoming more common.

Guarantees for aluminium greenhouses typically range from 5 to 12 years.

Greenhouses made of wood

Nothing compares to the allure of a wooden greenhouse. They are appealing and mix well with a garden’s natural surroundings.

Of course, you may paint a wooden frame to create a unique design to fit a certain theme in your yard.

Pressure-treated wood frames often have a 15-year anti-rot warranty, which means no further treatment is necessary, saving time and money. This makes them practically as easy to work with as their aluminium equivalents.


A greenhouse is one of the finest garden investments you’ll ever make. It allows you to lengthen the growing season, expand your selection of homegrown products, and develop plants that are not generally suited to the British environment.

A greenhouse is also a fantastic focal point in the garden, serving as a central hub for pottering about and planning your annual gardening activities.

Depending on its size, a greenhouse might be a significant financial commitment. However, it is worth the money since it will provide you with decades of delight. With this in mind, you should conduct your research before selecting your perfect greenhouse to ensure that you make the right option the first time.

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