July 23, 2024
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Public Health England Jobs – 10 Best Jobs in 2023

Public Health England (PHE) is one of the UK’s leading public health organizations, working to protect the nation from health risks and to improve the health of everyone in England. With a turnover of £2.2 billion, PHE employs over 11,000 people in a range of roles across its three sites: London, Belfast, and Southampton. In addition to a wide range of permanent jobs, PHE also offers a number of opportunities for temporary and contract workers. Here are 10 of the best jobs in Public Health England in 2023.

Public Health England Jobs – 10 Best Jobs in 2023

1. Public Health Improvement Officer (Well Doncaster)

Public Health Improvement Officer (Well Doncaster)

The Public Health Improvement Officer (Well Doncaster) is key in public health. This person will work to improve the health of the population across the North East of England. The role holder will work with local partners and other agencies to deliver public health interventions. These could involve raising awareness of public health issues, developing plans for healthy lifestyles, and implementing policies on nutrition and physical activity. They will manage and lead a team of public health scientists.

These individuals will use their scientific knowledge to develop public health programs and public health research projects that can help shape national policy and strategies. The role holder will also provide leadership on cross-sectoral public health partnerships, which can involve governments, healthcare providers, non-profits, and community organizations working together on health-related issues.

2. Consultant in Public Health (Part-time)

Consultant in Public Health (Part-time)

The Consultant in Public Health (Part-time) is a new role that will help to protect public health. The job will involve working with public health professionals to identify and assess risks to public health. This could include working on projects that improve public health, such as developing public health guidelines or conducting research. This job involves providing support to public health practitioners, such as monitoring the impact of health education campaigns or administering immunization programs.

In addition, the job involves preparing reports and assessments, analyzing data, and conducting audits and evaluations. The salary for a Consultant in Public Health (Part-time) varies depending on experience and qualifications. Currently, the job offers flexible hours and competitive salary and benefits packages.

3. Non-medical Environmental Public Health Consultant (Epidemiology)

Non-medical Environmental Public Health Consultant (Epidemiology)

The non-medical environmental public health consultant deals with a wide range of environmental health issues, including assessing and maintaining environmental health risks related to hazardous materials, air pollution, water quality, and changes in climate. The job entails developing prevention and control strategies for infectious diseases and hazardous materials, such as vector-borne diseases, human exposure to harmful chemicals, and food safety.

4. Children’s Mental Health Research Fellow

Children's Mental Health Research Fellow

The Children’s Mental Health Research Fellow will conduct cutting-edge research into the effects of early life stress and trauma on children’s mental health. The role will involve developing innovative approaches to diagnosing and treating children with mental health problems, working with other researchers and professionals in the field of child psychiatry to shape the future of mental health care for children in the UK, and playing a pivotal role in developing public health policies related to child mental health.

In addition, the Children’s Mental Health Research Fellow will be responsible for writing policy briefs and reports, facilitating international collaborations, drafting research proposals, and undertaking data analysis.

5. Apprenticeship Coordinator – Public Health

Apprenticeship Coordinator - Public Health

As a Public Health apprentice coordinator, you will work with a range of partners to ensure the successful implementation of public health apprenticeship programs. You will be responsible for coordinating and delivering public health apprenticeships, working alongside public health practitioners and healthcare professionals. You will be required to have excellent organizational skills, as well as the ability to lead and manage teams. In this role, you will need to have a good knowledge of public health and its principles.

You will also need excellent communication and organizational skills, in order to manage complex tasks effectively. The Apprenticeship Coordinator position is based in England and Wales. If you’re interested in this position, please visit the Public Health England website for more information.

6. Communication and Public Affairs Director

Communication and Public Affairs Director

The Communication and Public Affairs Director will lead the development and implementation of communications strategies to support public health objectives. The role involves developing and implementing public information campaigns, managing media relations, and developing relationships with key stakeholders. In addition, the job requires providing leadership for the design and delivery of public engagement activities, such as community events, online campaigns, and social media efforts.

The Communications & Public Affairs Director will coordinate the delivery of PHE’s marketing activity. This includes overseeing content creation for print, digital, and social media platforms. They’ll also coordinate the team responsible for creating marketing materials such as brochures, posters, and advertisements. Finally, they’ll be responsible for developing guidelines for open data management within PHE.

7. WZ Zoo Keeper and Aquarist Apprentice

WZ Zoo Keeper and Aquarist Apprentice

If you love animals, a WZ London Zoo Keeper or Aquarist Apprentice job could be the perfect fit. Work with animals in a safe, fun, and stimulating environment, taking care of them and providing them with the care they need. You’d be involved in various tasks, from taking care of the wildlife to feeding and watering the animals to cleaning their habitats. You’d be exposed to different breeds of animals and have a chance to learn about their natural habitats.

You would also assist with maintaining the health of the animals, making sure they are well-fed and protected from diseases. In addition to this, you could also help with breeding and raising the animals, as well as caring for them in medical settings.

8. Regeneration Officer (Colindale / Hybrid)

Regeneration Officer (Colindale Hybrid)

A Regeneration Officer (Colindale / Hybrid) works in the Colindale area of London, helping to improve public health by tackling environmental health hazards. You will need a degree in public health, environmental sciences, or a closely related field. Good oral and written communication skills, as well as the ability to work independently, are essential. You will need experience working with computers and using databases. Your problem-solving skills and ability to work under pressure are vital too.

You should be physically fit and able to lift up to 25kg. In addition to a salary of £40,000+, you will also receive benefits such as holiday pay and sick pay.

9. Public Health Assistant

Public Health Assistant

A public health assistant is responsible for protecting and promoting the health of the public in England. A public health assistant conducts investigations into outbreaks, investigates health risks, and educates the public about healthy living. The role of a public health assistant entails assisting with public health policy development and implementation. The public health assistant provides support to healthcare professionals by inputting and analyzing data, writing reports, and updating databases.

The public health assistant has a degree in medical sciences or a related field and must have a working knowledge of English and at least one other language spoken in England. The skill set of a public health assistant includes excellent communication and interpersonal skills, good problem-solving skills, and the ability to work independently.

10. Maternity Investigator (Non-Clinical)

Maternity Investigator (Non-Clinical)

As a maternity investigator, you will work in one of the most important areas of public health: protecting pregnant women and their babies from harm. This job requires excellent communication and investigative skills, as well as the ability to work independently. You’ll be responsible for analyzing health data and making recommendations to improve maternal and child health outcomes. The maternity investigator job is an exciting and challenging one that offers many opportunities for progression.

The career path can lead to positions such as a medical officer or specialist registrar in public health, or senior healthcare analyst or research analyst in a public health agency. If you are passionate about public health and want to work in an environment that is constantly growing and changing, this job is for you.


By the time you’re done reading this, it should be quite clear that Public Health England is one of the best jobs to look forward to in 2023. Both new and experienced professionals will find many opportunities with this organization. The only thing that makes it a little bit difficult here is whether or not you have enough knowledge about public health as a field. But if not, we suggest taking some free public health courses online so that you can start your career journey soon!

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