July 23, 2024
part time jobs in london

Part Time Jobs in London – Top 10 Part Time Jobs

Part-time employment for students is the best option for people who wish to make additional revenue or vacation from their academic commitments. Part-time work can be helpful since, while financial assistance and loans are accessible to college students, they are rarely sufficient to cover the entire cost of tuition.

As with college, a new vehicle, or a house, high school kids may save money away to pursue their future aspirations. These opportunities for part-time employment are available to students who want to broaden their professional networks and get beneficial job experience.

Top 10 Part Time Jobs in London

1. Content Writer

Content Writer

Content writers create digital material for their clients, such as articles, blogging, podcasting, e-books, subtitles, and videos. Therefore, language fluency, as well as good research and articulation abilities, are advantages. You can get an edge in this field of employment by being skilled with spreadsheets and word processing programs and having excellent communication skills. In addition, they must be proficient writers since they will provide a variety of material to promote the goods and services offered by their company.

2. Tour Guide

Tour Guide

Tour guides acquaint visitors with the background, purposes, and traditions of a specific locale or establishment. While tourists from other countries are frequent customers, anyone can go on a tour for outdoor activities. Travel locations and tourist sites are shown to tourists by tour guides. A tour guide job often has a flexible work schedule and may be appealing to students who want to balance their studies and extracurricular activities. The majority of the time, tour guides are amiable communicators who can talk highly of the location and its attractions.

The responsibilities include being well-versed in the area and its amenities and being ready to respond to various visitor queries.

3. Data Entry Agent

Data Entry Agent

On the PCs or servers of a client, a data entry agent updates information from multiple sources. Although you might not need specialised technical knowledge for this job, it is advantageous if you are comfortable with word processing and spreadsheet programs. With excellent typing and communication abilities, you may succeed in this position. The job’s primary duties include updating the company’s data and ensuring that all workers can readily access it.

Data entry workers may also digitize a company’s records and data volumes, as well as transcribe information from phone conversations and recordings.

4. Social Media Assistant

Social Media Assistant

Marketing experts, known as social media assistants, manage a firm’s social media campaigns to strengthen its online presence. They raise audience engagement by producing fresh content and organising web-based marketing campaigns. Students who regularly use social media sites and are familiar with their underlying algorithms and curation systems are excellent candidates for this position. You need to be a master at time management if you want to succeed as a social media assistant.

A competent social media assistant is keen to stay current on software updates and business trends.

5. Transcriptionist


Transcription can be an excellent side job for you if you can type between 40 and 60 words a minute while making a few mistakes. Typically, a transcriptionist’s duties involve turning audio data from recordings into text that can be read. In this sector, there are several options for specialising. You may be able to increase your salary by specialising in medical transcribing, but you may need to undergo training to obtain the required credentials. A computer, an internet connection, a good pair of headphones, and a steady typing rate are necessary for remote transcribing work.

6. Accountant


A company’s financial transactions are tracked by an accountant who creates financial statements and reports performance to management. In addition, they make various business procedures, which generally contain many controls to ensure effective asset management. Some of their crucial responsibilities include shipping goods to clients, gathering and validating supplier invoices, and cashing customer checks.

7. Event Planner

Event Planner

Depending on the event’s scale and customers’ needs, an event planner handles every element of business meetings and social events. Some of their primary duties include conceptualizing theme ideas, budgeting, booking venues, dealing with vendors and consumers, managing logistics, and producing post-event reviews. Students that are artistic and have a passion for planning and creating will undoubtedly succeed in this field.

8. Game Tester

Game Tester

A game tester’s duties include playing developed video games to look for faults, sometimes referred to as glitches or bugs. Typically employed by video game publishers, game testers frequently collaborate closely with developers and other technical members of the production team. Their suggestions help the designers enhance the gameplay and the user experience. This position might offer beneficial entry-level job experience if you are interested in a career in gaming or game development.

9. Tutors


Professionals are known as tutors who guide and help students at various educational levels. They go through the course’s readings, help students prepare for exams, and provide their best answers. For those who have a love for education, part-time tutoring is a fantastic choice. With video calls on their pcs or mobile devices, teachers may now virtually engage with their pupils. You might need a computer, a phone, and a strong internet connection to instruct a student remotely.

In this business, you can arrange lessons at your convenience from the comfort of working from home.

10. Translator


Information is translated from one language to another by a translator. They must be competent in at least two languages, both orally and in writing. To preserve meaning, clarity, and context, they try to comprehend the cultural nuances of the languages they deal with. If you are fluent in any foreign language, especially one with a significant population of speakers like German, Arabic, French, or Spanish, you can easily qualify for this employment. This job is also one of the best part-time jobs for you and your friends.


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