July 23, 2024
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Summer Jobs in London – Top 12 Summer Vacancies

Looking for a summer job in London? Well, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a list of the top 12 summer vacancies in London, ranging from marketing and sales roles to customer service and administrative positions. Whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term job, we’ve got you covered. So be sure to check out our blog post for all the latest summer job opportunities in London.

Summer Jobs in London – Top 12 Summer Vacancies

1. Site Manager

Site Manager

The job of a Site Manager is to oversee the activities of an online business from start-up to completion and ensure that the website functions smoothly. This job requires excellent communication and coordination skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. The Site Manager must be capable of taking ownership of their projects and should have a good eye for detail.

Typically, the job of a Site Manager involves managing web development projects and overseeing website design, copywriting, and marketing. In addition, they must be familiar with SEO and PPC strategies as well as user experience design principles. They should also have experience working in a digital agency or startup environment as well as experience working on e-commerce websites or developing custom shopping cart solutions for clients. Previous experience managing a website from start to finish is beneficial but not required for this role.

2. Political Intern

Political Intern

If you’re looking for a summer job in London, look no further than the political intern position! This entry-level position offers you the opportunity to learn about politics and government from the ground up. The political intern will be working with various departments within the government, ranging from policy development to communications. They will also have the opportunity to work on special projects and learn about how the government works behind the scenes. This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to get their hands dirty and experience working in a professional setting. It’s also a great way to network and learn about different sectors of the industry.

3. Sole Trader

Sole Trader

As a sole trader, you’ll be responsible for managing your own business. This includes preparing financial statements, handling customer orders, and developing a marketing plan. With a sole-trader job, you’ll also have the flexibility to work on your own schedule. This can come in handy if you have family or other commitments that make it hard to work a full-time job.

The benefits of being a sole-trader are plentiful. You’ll enjoy the freedom to set your own hours and be able to take advantage of part-time job opportunities as they arise. Additionally, you’ll have an opportunity to learn and develop skills while working in an environment that is supportive and friendly.

You may also find it easier to find part-time work as a sole-trader, which could come in handy during the summer months when full-time jobs are scarce. Finally, with a part-time job as a sole-trader, you can save money on both your job and living expenses.

4. Youth Program Leaders

Youth Programme Leaders

Youth Programme Leaders are part of a community-based organisation (CBO) that works with young people aged 10-25 to develop skills and experience, build confidence, and plan for the future. You could work as part of a youth programme in an organisation such as an aged-care facility, youth centre, or school. You’ll need to have a passion for working with young people and experience in the sector. You should be able to communicate clearly and confidently with young people and have the ability to plan and manage projects. You’ll also need good organizational and communication skills, as well as the ability to motivate and inspire others. Youth Programme Leaders typically hold Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in fields such as communications, youth work, education, or community development. They also need to have experience working with young people, preferably in a youth-focused environment.

5. Cocktail Bartender

Cocktail Bartender

A job as a cocktail bartender can be an exciting and lucrative career. As a bartender, you’ll be responsible for creating and preparing beverages for customers. You’ll need to have excellent customer service skills and the ability to work well under pressure. You should also have knowledge of how to make different cocktails, beer, wine, and other drinks. You should have knowledge of food-based cocktails and beverages as well. In addition, you will need to be able to multi-task and handle cash-handling duties properly. You should also have good computer skills, as you will need to have access to a computer in order to research your ingredients and keep track of your inventory. Finally, you will need to be able to stand for long hours at the bar.

6. Nursery Deputy Manager

Nursery Deputy Manager

The nursery deputy manager is in charge of the overall running and management of a nursery. A deputy manager must have excellent organizational skills, as well as strong communication and leadership abilities. The job requires a thorough knowledge of early childhood development and childcare policies. The deputy manager must be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously with accuracy and speed. Nursery deputy managers in the UK can earn up to £26,000 per year. To become one, you’ll need to undergo rigorous training and exams. Plus, you’ll need to have experience working with children, preferably in a childcare setting.

7. Domestic Cleaner

Domestic Cleaner

If you’re looking for an exciting job in the UK’s capital city, consider becoming a domestic cleaner. This job can provide you with a flexible work schedule, the chance to work outdoors, and the opportunity to earn up to £8 per hour. Plus, you’ll get to work cleaning homes, offices, and hotels, taking care of all types of cleaning duties from dusting to mopping. With a personal or professional cleanliness mission, you can take pride in your work and enjoy flexible working hours and plenty of weekends off. You can also apply for jobs with agencies that offer a range of positions and experience levels.

8. Bar Staff

Bar Staff

If you’re looking for a job that involves serving drinks and snacks to customers and handling cash registers, you might be interested in being a bar staff member. The different types of bars and their requirements will help you understand the job better. These types of establishments include pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs. Depending on the type of establishment, bar staff members handle different tasks. For instance, at pubs, they may serve drinks to customers and collect money from the register for transactions. In restaurants, they may take orders and prepare food as part of their job. In nightclubs, they handle cash registers and other duties assigned by the manager. Bar staff members also have different education and skills required for the job. Some jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent while others require college degrees or diplomas.

9. Store Manager

Store Manager

The store manager is responsible for the overall running and management of a retail store. The job requires excellent customer service skills, strong organizational capabilities, and attention to detail. Most store managers start out as part-time employees before becoming full-time managers. Store managers are generally employed during the summer months, with most positions opening in early spring and closing around late fall or early winter each year.

A successful store manager must have excellent customer service skills, as well as strong organizational abilities and attention to detail. This position requires extensive knowledge of retail operations and a capacity to lead others. The job also requires good communication skills and problem-solving abilities. You should be able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines, as well as handle stressful situations calmly and efficiently.

10. Multi Drop Driver

Multi Drop Driver

As a multi-drop driver, you will be involved in the delivery of goods to customers in the city via a transport service. You’ll use a vehicle such as a van or truck to transport goods. You’ll handle customer complaints and inquiries, keep accurate records of your deliveries and movements, complete customer contracts and other paperwork, and prepare and deliver goods to various addresses in the city. You’ll also operate a cash register and handle customer payments, maintain cleanliness in the vehicle while transporting goods, follow safety guidelines while driving and working in the city, and so on. Overall, multi-drop drivers are an essential part of any transport service organization.

11. Religious Worker

Religious Worker

As an entry-level job, a religious worker may work in a variety of capacities as part-time or full-time. The job can be varied and exciting, providing a great opportunity to work with people in different capacities and experience various aspects of the job. Religious workers may be required to do tasks such as counseling, teaching, organizing events, fundraising, or even administration. A religious worker may also earn money by doing a part-time job or by doing voluntary service at a church or other affiliated organization. One of the main responsibilities of religious workers is to offer spiritual guidance and assistance to people. They must have good knowledge and development skills in various fields such as theology, counseling, social work, administration, and so on. They must have good communication skills and must be able to adapt to sudden changes easily.

12. Kitchen Porter

Kitchen Porter

Kitchen porters are responsible for cleaning and preparing food in the kitchen as well as serving customers. It’s vital that they have good communication and customer service skills. They should be able to work quickly and efficiently under pressure. Kitchen porters must be able to handle difficult tasks with ease. This job requires a good sense of detail and the ability to keep track of many tasks simultaneously. Kitchen porters should be able to lift up to 25kgs. They should also have previous experience working in a restaurant or catering company.


There are many job opportunities in London that have summer job vacancies. Looking for a summer job in London? Check out our top 12 summer vacancies! These positions are perfect for students and recent graduates looking for an opportunity to gain experience in a fun and exciting environment. We’ve got you covered whether you’re interested in working in the arts, tourism, or fashion industry. Browse our listings and find the perfect job for you!

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