June 13, 2024
The Rise of Solo Travel in 2023

The Rise of Solo Travel in 2023

Have you considered travelling alone? Whether we’re seeking different experiences from friends or partners, pursuing personal growth or other reasons, the solo travel trend is continuing to grow in 2023. One tour operator, Jules Verne, reports that 37% of its bookings now come from solo travellers.

The Rise of Solo Travel

Solo Travel

That’s not to say that travelling solo means you have to be completely on your own though. While some might set out entirely on their own adventures, others book on to small group walking tours to guarantee safety and companionship. In fact, 75% of solo travellers prefer to explore with a mixed group.

Whatever the case, in truth, solo travel is nothing new. Below, discover how Jules Verne has been catering for solo travellers for decades, and the key reasons why more of us are giving it a go today.

Jules Verne: Catering for Solo Travellers for Decades

Catering for Solo Travellers

Jules Verne is a small group escorted tour operator that’s been leading the way in solo travel since 1978. A large part of its success comes down to catering for all travellers equally, rather than focusing on singles, couples or friends specifically.

It’s worked closely with suppliers to remove the single supplement, a premium charged for not sharing a room that can make solo travel unfeasible for many. 55% of its tours offer dates with no single supplement whatsoever.

Whether solo or not, Jules Verne’s tours appeal thanks to the ease, safety and companionship they provide, especially in far-flung and culturally different destinations. Their tours to India are especially popular with solo travellers, for example.

Benefits of Solo Travel

Benefits of solo travel

If you’re yet to try solo travel and want to know what all the fuss is about, here are some of the key benefits you could experience:

1. Freedom

Travelling alone affords you greater choice when it comes to holiday destinations, accommodation, activities and pace. Two-thirds of us travel for escapism, and you won’t need to cater for others or sacrifice your own wishes. Choose your own path and spend your time and money how you decide!

2. Personal growth

Solo travel is a great way to discover more about yourself, your interests and what you’re capable of. You might be forced to overcome fears or try new things, allowing you to reflect on who you are and who you want to become in the process.

3. Social opportunities

Travelling with friends or family generally gives you less incentive to reach out to others. But as a solo traveller, you may feel more inclined to strike up conversations with others, be it locals or fellow travellers. You never know where an introduction might lead you – and you could be more motivated to learn a language too!

Could solo travel prove to be a rewarding experience for you?

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