June 13, 2024
top 10 uk accounting firms
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Top 10 UK Accounting Firms

Accounting Firms in London –  Top 10 Firms

1. PwC


They are one of the most successful professional services networks in the world, with locations in 156 countries and over 295,000 employees. By providing high-quality Assurance, advisory services providers, and Tax, they assist businesses and people in creating the value they desire. Their goal at PwC is to increase societal trust and provide effective solutions to pressing issues. Their decisions and the services they offer are influenced by this emphasis.

For Pwc, exhibiting real leadership is more crucial than size or rapid sales growth. As a result of their approach, they are positioned to be the best firm, the most relevant and trustworthy option for their customers and their stakeholders, and the top employer of the market’s top talent.

2. EY Accounting Firm

EY Accounting Firm

This is one of the top-most accounting firms in the UK. We provide a variety of transaction accounting, accounting, and reporting, treasury, plus corporate governance services that may help your company adapt to shifting market conditions, consumer expectations for more transparency, and evolving regulatory needs. To accomplish this, they want to inspire trust while tackling reporting issues brought on by the shifting economic and regulatory landscape.

3. Grant Thornton Accounting Firm

Grant Thornton Accounting Firm

Alexander Richardson Grant established Alexander Grant & Co. in Chicago in 1924. Grant, a senior accountant at Ernst & Ernst decided to leave the security of a well-established business to follow his dream of working in public accounting. The firm still upholds Alexander Grant’s dedication to offering services to mid-sized businesses. Grant Thornton adheres to the philosophy that every outcome should be built on trust and made more personal.

They are collaborators that appreciate solid connections and are prepared for everything. They are quality-obsessed and adaptive. They question what companies anticipate. They can assist you in doing the same.

4. Moore UK

Moore UK

With 38 locations, over 1,300 employees, and 10 member businesses, Moore UK is a firm of auditors and business advisers with shared ideals. Each company has a significant local presence and offers accounting and consultancy services to firms in the UK and throughout the world, including small and mid-sized publicly traded corporations, the not for profit maximization sector, and individual customers.

A variety of essential services, such as accounting, audit, tax, corporate finance, outsourcing, reorganization, and wealth management, will be available to you.

5. Smith & Williamson

Smith & Williamson

Smith & Williamson has offices throughout the UK and Ireland, notably in Glasgow, Belfast, Jersey, London, Birmingham, Southampton, Dublin, and Belfast. It presently generates £278 million in sales and is a member of the Nexia International accounting network. They have over 1,700 employees.

6. BDO Accounting Firm

BDO Accounting Firm

Companies in various economic sectors may obtain audit, tax,  assurance, business outsourcing, advice, and other services from BDO UK. Their staff members are experts in their professions and take a proactive, adaptable approach to assist businesses in overcoming obstacles. They cover all of the key business centers and provide local knowledge to local businesses while operating out of 18 sites across the UK.

Their expanding company currently employs over 7,000 individuals, all of whom are encouraged to be real and true to who they are, contributing personality and authenticity to our work environment. The fundamental principles that guide our civilization, such as taking responsibility and acting morally.

7. RSM


The company was known as Baker Tilly from 1988 to 2015, even though it can confidently trace its UK roots back to the 19th century through founding businesses operating in London and Liverpool.  On October 26, 2015, the company changed its name to RSM and joined forces with tax, RSM audit, and consulting businesses all around the world under a single, worldwide brand.

8. Mazars


Mazars is a major auditor for Public Interest Entities in the UK and one of the biggest companies in its industry. With more than 2,500 employees spread over 15 sites in the UK, it offers customers of all sizes, from individual people and SMEs to mid-caps including global players, along with start-ups and public organizations at every stage of their growth, a balanced viewpoint, and empowered knowledge.

A renowned international audit, tax, and consultancy business are Mazars. Working as a single, integrated team, they operate as a unified partnership and provide superior and specialized audit and accounting services in addition to tax, financial counseling, legal service, and consulting. They are working with financial services, private clients, and private-owned businesses, and public and social sector organizations, small and medium-sized businesses.

9. Haines Watts

Haines Watts

They truly care about the success of the businesses they deal with, and as many of their regional partners are also company owners, they can relate to and offer advice on a peer level. Their clients’ problems become our problems; they’re never simply a number to you. They work hard to create relationships that endure and are respected as well as to have a genuine, significant influence.

The success of their clients is what motivates you, and because passion and authenticity are the guiding principles for all they do, they are proactively devoted to assisting our clients and colleagues in achieving their professional and personal objectives.

10. Saffery Champness

Saffery Champness

Experience gained since Saffery Champness was established in 1855 has demonstrated how important long-term planning can be in realizing your financial, personal goals, and professional. The staff members are skilled specialists that get the significance of quickly setting up the appropriate tax and financial structures for you. Planning is essential and should never be taken lightly.

In their experience, the single largest component in reaching your financial, company, and personal goals are frequently putting the appropriate tax and financial structures in place, in good time, and as part of your long-term planning.

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