July 15, 2024
trainee train driver jobs in uk

Trainee Train Driver Jobs in UK – Top 10 Vacancies

If you are looking for a trainee driver job, then you’ve come to the right place! At jobcentre UK, we have a wide variety of trainee driver jobs available, all of which are guaranteed to give you the training and experience you need to be successful as a train driver. From driving trains on the rail network to driving freight trains, we have something for everyone. So why wait? Apply now and get started on your career as a train driver!

Trainee Train Driver Jobs in UK – Top 10 Vacancies

1. Trainee Coach Driver

Trainee Coach Driver

A trainee coach driver is responsible for driving passenger trains, operating the train crew office, and providing first-class customer service. A trainee driver must have a valid driving license and hold a rail certification. The trainee driver must pass a medical examination and criminal record check. The trainee driver must have good communication and interpersonal skills. The trainee driver must have a good work ethic and be able to handle stress. The trainee driver must be willing to work long hours. The trainee driver will typically work for two years before becoming a qualified driver. There are many positions available for trainee coach driver.

2. Trainee Bus Driver

Trainee Bus Driver

A trainee driver is a person who has been trained to operate train or other large vehicles that are used for public transport. This person is required to undergo extensive trainings to become proficient in handling the vehicle. These trainees can be found in positions such as bus driver, train driver, bus assistant and vehicle maintenance engineer among others. This job requires an immense amount of responsibility and patience. It calls for the ability to multitask and to work under pressure. A trainee driver should be able to follow instructions carefully, remain calm in adverse situations, and adapt well to changing conditions. The driving jobs involve different vehicles on varied terrains and conditions, which makes it a demanding one.

3. Megabus Trainee Driver

Megabus Trainee Driver

If you are interested in applying for the trainee driver position with Megabus, then be sure to visit the website for more information. The trainee driver position offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including a base salary, commission earnings, employer contributions to savings and pension plans, and benefits such as health insurance, disability insurance, and paid holidays. In addition to this, trainees can also earn bonuses and incentives for meeting performance goals.

When you start working with Megabus, you’ll have access to an exciting range of job opportunities across the country. These include train driver positions, customer service positions, bus driver positions, and more. A trainee driver position with Megabus will provide you with an opportunity to develop critical skills and experience that can help you land a job as a professional driver in the future.

4. Trainee PCV Driver

Trainee PCV Driver

Trainee PCV driver is a driver trainee in the Public Carrying Vehicle (PCV) sector. This job involves driving a PCV, a vehicle used to transport persons or goods on public roads. A trainee PCV driver will learn the basics of operating a PCV and develop the essential skills necessary to become a safe and competent driver. Most trainees are assigned to local PCV services, where they will learn the ins and outs of the job before progressing to a full-time job role. The position has numerous benefits, such as earning an income while developing essential skills and learning about the field. To get started as a trainee driver, you’ll need a valid driver’s license and experience operating automobiles. Additionally, you’ll need knowledge of public transportation systems and systems for safely driving vehicles on public roads. Lastly, trainees should be interested in the field and motivated to succeed in their careers.

5. HGV Driver – Trainee Jetting Engineer

HGV Driver - Trainee Jetting Engineer

As Britain’s leading rail freight operator, DB Schenkner operates a diverse range of freight trains from container and general freight to intermodal and high-speed trains. As a trainee jetting engineer, you will work on the installation and commissioning of locomotives and other rolling stock. To become a trainee jetting engineer, you will need to have a valid driving licence and 2 years of experience as a driver in an HGV (heavy goods vehicle) or a trainee driver role. On completion of the training course, you will be qualified as a trainee jetting engineer. You will be placed on a permanent job with DB Schenkner.

6. Yardsperson – Trainee LGV Driver

Yardsperson - Trainee LGV Driver

A yardsperson is a trainee driver who works in the yard of a railway station. They are responsible for keeping the railway station clean and tidy. A yardsperson trains new drivers and helps with the operation of the railway system. The job of a yardsperson is dangerous and requires a lot of skill and training. Yardsperson may work for a railway company or a private contractor.

The salary for a yardsperson varies depending on your experience and qualification level. If you are interested in becoming a yardsperson, you should have a driving licence and be able to work independently. To apply for a yardsperson position, you will need to submit an application form and undergo an interview process.

7. Bolton Bus Driver

Bolton Bus Driver

A Bolton Bus driver is a Person who drives the bus on the road and assists the driver. A Bolton driver must be well-versed with the routes, in addition, to being capable of handling any situation that comes up on the road. A train driver job entails working in a noisy environment and with team members, which may involve driving a bus on a rainy day or through adverse weather conditions. A Bolton driver is expected to have an advanced driver’s license. It requires time management skills and attention to detail, as well as strong personal development skills. The job also requires proficiency with computers and navigational systems.

It offers great earning opportunities and benefits, including paid holidays and sick leave. You can also look forward to a generous salary and excellent work-life balance options. If you are interested in pursuing this career path, you can start your application process by reading up on train driver jobs in UK.

8. Trainee Bus Driver – Oldham

Trainee Bus Driver - Oldham

A trainee driver is a driver trainee who is learning to become a driver. They usually have a driving license and are completing the trainee driver program to become qualified to drive vehicles on public roads. Trainees are employed by bus operators as assistant drivers. They typically work part-time hours, are given training in customer service, and must complete additional training requirements to become qualified to drive buses.

The job of a trainee driver is exciting and challenging. Anyone interested in this job should be passionate about driving, have excellent communication and organizational skills, and be willing to learn new skills and techniques.

9. Bus Driver – PCV or Trainee Telford

Bus Driver - PCV or Trainee Telford

Bus driver – PCV or trainee Telford – is a dynamic profession, with the responsibility of keeping passengers safe and secure while traveling in a bus. This involves driving the bus and making sure it’s clean and well-maintained. You’ll also be responsible for monitoring and communicating with other bus drivers, and any other employees on the road. One of the requirements for becoming a bus driver – PCV or trainee Telford is to have a valid driver’s license.

If you do not have one, you can take advanced driver training courses or get certified through another organization. Besides having a driver’s license, you must also have a valid safety certification to work as a bus driver – PCV or trainee Telford. The salary for a bus driver – PCV or trainee Telford varies depending on the experience and qualifications of the individual. However, most employers look for someone who has a passion for driving and communication skills.

10. Trainee 7.5t Driver

Trainee 7.5t Driver

A trainee driver is someone who has completed his/her trainee period and is now ready to drive a heavy vehicle. He/she has to undergo trainee driver training and pass the driver’s exam before they can be employed as a driver. The trainee driver is given the job title of ‘trainee’ and is responsible for driving the trainees on the trainee driver training course. Trainee 7.5t driver jobs are highly sought-after in organizations across various industries.

The various benefits of having trainees include increased responsibility, exposure to different work environments, access to advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities, and guidance from experienced drivers. Apart from these, there are no restrictions on who can get employed as a trainee 7.5t driver, thus providing opportunities for aspiring drivers to grab them quickly by practicing hard with the aim of becoming an expert driver.


Probably now you are convinced that there are lots of employment opportunities for trainee drivers in the UK. Just like other jobs, this also requires hard work and dedication to become a successful one. You should get ample training from the best driving school so that you can drive confidently at first glance.

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