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what jobs can you get at 13 uk

What Jobs Can You Get At 13 UK? – Top 10 Jobs

Several tasks are available at home and in the community for 13-year-olds to help them develop essential skills and earn modest cash. Most of these professions need some community ties, so knowing where to seek them is essential before starting the job hunt. In this post, we discuss why 13-year-olds should work if they want to, as well as a list of ten outstanding employment prospects for young teens.

What Jobs Can You Get At 13 UK? – Top 10 Jobs

Why should thirteen-year-olds work?

Why should thirteen-year-olds work

Thirteen-year-olds are often mature enough to work part-time and are interested in earning their own money. However, under the Fair Labour Standards Act (FLSA), the legal working age is 14 (for non-agricultural employment), putting 13-year-olds in an unusual situation.

However, children under 16 who work for a company owned and run by their parents or “persons standing in place of their parents” are excluded from the FLSA unless the firm is in manufacturing, mining, or a hazardous vocation. Allowing your 13-year-old to work for you, a family member, or in the community helps the whole family:

  • You may pay your adolescent to help you with time-consuming home activities.
  • Your adolescent will gain vital skills such as time management and organising.
  • Working in the community allows your kid to expand their professional network and meet new individuals.
  • Your adolescent will have their own money to spend on entertainment and other personal items.

The salary scale for most 13-year-old professions varies by geography. Investigate and chat with other area parents, or go online to see what fair charges are for the work your adolescent wants to undertake.

1. Babysitting


Babysitting is an excellent job for 13-year-olds. If you have additional small children at home, your 13-year-old can keep them entertained while you are gone. Family members or neighbours may potentially employ your adolescent to look after their youngsters. This job requires communication, patience, and decision-making abilities.

2. Lawn mowing or gardening

Lawn mowing or gardening

If your 13-year-old enjoys being outdoors, working as a lawn mower or gardener is an excellent alternative. Allow your adolescent to mow your lawn and then promote in the community to attract more customers. This role develops technical skills such as machine operation and soft abilities such as negotiating and time management.

3. Pet sitter

Pet sitter

Dog walking is an excellent career for 13-year-olds. They may do this job all year by walking neighbourhood pets after school and during the summer middays while the owners are at work. Dog walking is an excellent employment opportunity for teenagers who like working with animals. It develops abilities such as patience and management.

4. Housekeeper or pet sitter

Housekeeper or pet sitter

House sitting and pet sitting are excellent work opportunities for shy teenagers. Most of the time, house and pet sitters look after the customer’s home and pets while the client is away. This is best done by 13-year-olds over the summer, although they may give their services all year. This work develops soft skills such as time management and complex abilities such as pet and houseplant care.

5. Tutor


For intellectually inclined 13-year-olds, tutoring is a promising career. Many parents prefer private instruction for their late-elementary or middle-school kids. Therefore this sort of service is frequently in great demand. Your 13-year-old may promote their services via local schools or community groups. This work requires a wide range of abilities, including communication, patience, and time management.

6. Car Wash

Car Wash

Washing automobiles is another exciting career opportunity for the outdoor-loving 13-year-old. Your child may set up a car-washing station in a high-traffic neighbourhood, or they could visit existing clientele at their houses. They may even detail the inside of automobiles if they have access to a vacuum cleaner. Because it often requires creating a customer list, this career is ideal for the entrepreneurially inclined 13-year-old.

7. Camp counsellor for juniors

Camp counsellor for juniors

Many camps recruit previous campers as junior counsellors before they are old enough to be full-time counsellors. This arrangement helps both the camp and the counsellors since it allows junior counsellors to see how camp counselling operates and to assist full counsellors while also giving the camp additional assistance and a built-in training programme for its counsellors. This role fosters communication, creativity, and resilience.

8. Newspaper carrier

Newspaper carrier

There are several options for working as a newspaper delivery boy or lady if your 13-year-old has a busy schedule. While your kid will have to wake up early in the morning, this employment has a regular schedule that allows them to pursue other interests in the afternoons and nights. This work helps you develop abilities such as time management and organization.

9. Model or actor

Model or actor

Working as an actress or model is one of the few jobs available to 13-year-olds that do not need community service. Getting into this industry takes study and determination, but it can be advantageous and gratifying employment for young kids. Acting and modeling help develop abilities such as negotiating, organizing, and resilience.

10. Technology expert

Technology expert

Working as a community tech expert might be outstanding employment for 13-year-olds who love and understand the newest technology. Your adolescent may assist customers in setting up new gadgets, updating software, and selecting new phones or laptops to buy. This profession fosters desirable abilities such as communication and technology comprehension.

Can a thirteen-year-old work?

Adolescents in the United Kingdom are not permitted to work full-time until they have completed compulsory education, implying that the minimum age for full-time employment is 16. Many younger kids, however, opt to work part-time for a few hours each week, which is legal from age 13 as long as the local council authorizes it.


Part-time work may be an excellent opportunity for kids to obtain essential skills, gain independence, and earn money. There are several employment available to 13-year-olds. This post includes ten of the most delicate jobs for 13-year-olds. Consider one of these 13 terrific part-time jobs for young adolescents that will enable them to expand their skill set while also earning money if you have a 13-year-old at home searching for a way to generate money.

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