July 23, 2024
Jobs For 16 Year Olds London

Jobs For 16 Year Olds London – Top 10

When you are under 18, there are certain legal limitations on the kind of jobs you may perform as well as the number of hours you can work. We’ll start by clarifying the legal aspects of work for those under the age of 18, and then we’ll showcase the top jobs for teens in the UK, including part-time jobs for teenagers, weekend jobs for teenagers, and school vacation jobs for teenagers.

Top 10 Best Jobs For 16 Year Olds London

1. Babysitting


Babysitting is one of the most popular part-time occupations for teens, and for a good reason. The first reason is that a babysitting job is typically pretty simple to get in your neighborhood since parents are often eager to go out in the evenings. The second reason is that it is a straightforward task! Most of the time, you’ll most likely be watching TV with the kids.

You need to ensure that the children are alive and healthy, so you won’t have to prepare meals for them. The parents are just a phone call away if there are any issues.

2. Paper Round

Paper Round

Although they are not as plentiful as they once were owing to many people obtaining their news online, a paper round might still be an excellent way to generate money if the print is still prevalent in your region. You must be at least 16 years old to perform a paper round.

Ask around at all of your local newsagents whether they would appreciate your assistance in delivering their daily, weekly papers, or magazine subscriptions. You don’t have to be exceptionally active to do a paper round, but you should be realistic about how much walking or riding is required. As long as it doesn’t seem like too much work, consider this kind of teen employment a fantastic way to stay active while making some extra cash.

3. Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Plenty of dog owners do not have the time to walk their pets twice daily, but some of them are happy to pay other people to walk their dogs. There are even some professional dog walkers that are paid to take dogs for walks every day!

If you appreciate animals and are excellent with dogs, this might be a great profession for you as a teenager. Taking someone’s cherished pet out is a great responsibility, but if you like dogs and walking them, this is a terrific opportunity to make some regular money.

4. Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

When pet owners are away for an extended time, such as a weekend or vacation, they need someone to care for their animals. Many pet owners prefer not to utilise a cattery or kennel (typically because they know their pet would not appreciate the experience). Thus they are frequently prepared to pay someone to care for their cherished animal or animals in their home.

There are many pet sitting choices, but they are often pricey, so if you like animals and have some experience caring for them, you may volunteer to pet sit for your neighbours to get your first experience in these types of adolescent jobs.

5. Vehicle Washing

Vehicle Washing

Professional car washes are expensive, and the owner must drive there and wait in the car while it is cleaned. It doesn’t take up any of the owner’s time if someone like you offers to wash the automobile in their driveway. Determine how much your local car wash charges, and then undercut them by charging less.

Then make sure you do a good job and leave the vehicle clean, waxed, and dry! You’ll need a bucket, sponge, chamois cloth, wash, and wax, which will take an initial expenditure, so make sure there’s interest before purchasing, but they’re readily obtained at Halfords or your local garage.

6. Gardening Job

gardening Job

You don’t have to be an experienced gardener to obtain any gardening job as a teenager, although you may be able to acquire more hours and references if you have green thumbs. Although you are unlikely to be planting gardens or doing topiary, you should be able to find some local job keeping people’s gardens neat.

You may be raking leaves or watering lawns, mainly if folks are gone for the weekend or on vacation. If your family has a push mower, practice operating it on your lawn before asking if you may borrow it for your adolescent job on other people’s gardens.

7. Bar or Restaurant Job

Bar or Restaurant Job

Because you will be meeting so many members of the general public daily, bar and restaurant employment may be a lot of fun and can help you gain confidence. However, owing to alcohol rules, not all bar and restaurant occupations are available to young people.

For example, if you are 16 or 17, you may work as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant and serve alcohol as long as it is consumed with a meal.

8. Jobs in a Shop

Jobs in a Shop

You won’t be able to perform much part-time work in a business during the week during semester time unless you can identify nearby shops that remain open late in the evenings. Weekend employment for adolescents should be available at shops in your local shopping centre, on the high street, or in supermarkets.

9. Leaflet Dropping Job

Leaflet Dropping Job

Leaflet distribution or dropping jobs may be a little extra income, and they, like paper rounds and dog walking jobs, have the additional benefit of keeping you active. Many local companies have pamphlets, flyers, or business cards they’d want to get in front of prospective consumers in their neighbourhood. You may assist them by delivering them via doors.

10. Jobs in Theme Parks

Jobs in Theme Parks

Many employment is available in large theme parks such as Alton Towers, THORPE PARK, and Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and many of them are suited for 16 to 18-year-olds.


When it comes to the age at which children and young people may work in various occupations, there are a few grey areas. However, there are certain definite black and white areas, so knowing your rights as a young worker in the UK is essential.

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