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Best Things to Do in Brick Lane London
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Best Things to Do in Brick Lane London

Brick Lane is an area in East London that has undergone a major transformation over the last few years. Gone are the days of grime and turmoil, now replaced by trendy cafés and hipster bars. Within this blog post, you’ll find our top six things to do in Brick Lane London.

What is Brick Lane?

What is Brick Lane

Brick Lane is a street in the East End of London, running north from Aldgate to Whitechapel. It is famous for its market, which has been running since the 17th century, and for its many curry houses.

Brick Lane gets its name from the fact that it was once lined with brick-built houses. These were replaced by factories and warehouses in the 19th century when the area became known as a center for the clothing trade.

In recent years, Brick Lane has become popular with tourists and hipsters, attracted by its vintage shops, art galleries, and funky cafes. It is also home to a number of Bangladeshi restaurants and shops, reflecting the area’s large Bangladeshi community.

Why is Brick Lane So Popular?

Why is Brick Lane so popular

Brick Lane is a popular street in London’s East End. It is known for its many curry houses, Bangladeshi restaurants, and shops. The street has been home to immigrants from Bangladesh since the 1950s.

The street is also popular with tourists, who come to experience the vibrant atmosphere and try the delicious food. Brick Lane is a great place to eat, shop and people-watch. You can find everything from vintage clothes to handmade jewelry on the street, as well as some excellent cafes and bars.

Top 6 Best Things to Do In Brick Lane London

1. Visit a market

Brick Lane is home to several markets, including the Brick Lane Market and the Sunday Upmarket. Browse stalls selling everything from vintage clothing to delicious street food.

2. Check out the street art

Brick Lane is well known for its vibrant street art scene. Take a stroll down the lane and see works by some of the world’s most famous graffiti artists.

3. Eat your way around the world

With its myriad of international restaurants, Brick Lane is the perfect place to try something new. From Indian curry to Italian gelato, there’s something to suit every taste bud.

4. Shop for vintage finds

Brick Lane is a haven for vintage lovers. There are plenty of second-hand shops selling everything from furniture to clothes. You’re sure to find some hidden gems amongst the racks!

5. Stop for a cup of tea or coffee

No trip to Brick Lane would be complete without stopping for a cup of tea or coffee in one of the many cafés lining the street. people-watch as you sip on your drink and soak up the unique atmosphere.

6. Visit a mosque or synagogue

Brick Lane has long been home to London’s Bangladeshi community, and as such, there are several mosques dotted along the street. For something different, pay a visit to the nearby Bevis Marks Synagogue, which is the oldest in Britain!

What To Explore with The Kids on Brick Lane?

What To Explore with The Kids on Brick Lane

There are plenty of things to do with the kids on Brick Lane! From street art to markets, there’s something for everyone.

Street art is a great way to get the kids involved in exploring the area. There are plenty of murals and graffiti around Brick Lane, and many of them are interactive. The kids can help you find all the different pieces of art, and you can even take photos of them together.

The markets are another great place to explore with the kids. They’ll love seeing all the different stalls and products on offer, and you can even let them help you bargain for some good deals!

If you’re looking for something a little more educational, there are also several museums dotted around Brick Lane. The Museum of Childhood is a great option, as it has plenty of interactive exhibits that the kids will love. Alternatively, The Jewish Museum London is also located nearby and provides an interesting insight into the area’s history.

Some of the cool spots to check out on Brick Lane

Some of the cool spots to check out on Brick Lane

There are many cool spots to check out on Brick Lane. However, a few of the most popular places to visit are:

1) The Old Truman Brewery – This is a large complex that used to be a brewery. Now, it is home to many different businesses, bars, and restaurants. There is also an outdoor market that sells a variety of goods.

2) Brick Lane Market – This market runs every Sunday and sells a variety of items including women’s clothing stores, jewelry, and antiques.

3) Spitalfields Market – This market is open daily and sells a range of food and other products. There is also a farmers’ market which runs on Thursdays and Sundays.

4) The Brick Lane Music Hall – This music hall hosts a range of events including live music, comedy, and theatre.

5) Cafes and pubs – There are many different cafes and pubs located on Brick Lane which offer a variety of food and drink options.


Brick Lane is a historic street in London that is rich with culture and history. If you are ever in London, be sure to add it to your list of places to explore. There is something for everyone on Brick Lane, from the delicious food to the unique shops. You could easily spend an entire day (or more!) exploring everything this street has to offer.

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