July 13, 2024
4 Cities to Consider for Your Technology Startup

4 Cities to Consider for Your Technology Startup

Finding the best location for your new technology business is key – it can affect your outgoing payments as well as your incoming revenue streams. Plus, you need to factor your personal life into the equation as well. It’s all well and good moving somewhere for your business but it needs to be viable for your downtime as well.

4 Cities to Consider for Your Technology Startup

Traditionally, London has always been thought of as the place to start any new business. But as other cities’ infrastructure has grown, businesspeople have found that this is not always the case. Here are 4 different cities that might suit your up-and-coming empire better.

1. Manchester


Symbolised appropriately by the worker bee, Manchester is a hive of activity across a range of sectors. When it comes to technology businesses, Manchester has started to establish itself as a true hub of entrepreneurship. Greater Manchester is home to an estimated 1,468 private companies, with over a third of these being tech-based.

With five different universities in the city, Manchester had approximately 120,670 students enrolled at universities in Greater Manchester during the 2021/22 academic year. This allows companies to have a diverse workforce and tap into a broad range of talents and backgrounds.

2. Bristol


With office bases for companies such as HP and Toshiba, Bristol is definitely making its mark in the tech industry. Compared to London, Bristol has a much better quality of life due to having lower housing and rental costs as well as a socially vibrant scene at a more affordable price.

Wherever you are looking to set up your profitable business, you must have the right support and protection. Making sure you have a team of expert lawyers well-versed in the technology sector is crucial to helping you thrive and expand.

3. Edinburgh


Edinburgh has always been known as a financial hub, but in recent years it has started to assert its dominance in the technological world. With CodeBase being based there, both aspiring and established technology developers have been flocking to the city.

Whilst not as cheap as Bristol, the capital of Scotland still has reasonably priced pockets of housing within the city so starting a new life there could be the answer for your successful business.

4. Leeds


In 2019, the digital sector in Leeds contributed £6.6 billion to the economy, making it one of the fastest-growing areas in the North. This may have been the inspiration behind the Leeds Digital Festival which runs for two weeks every year, usually in the autumn months. This event is a collaboration of tech firms both big and small with a chance to network and be inspired by lots of different experts.

Leeds has great transport links with the rest of the North, and you can easily make a journey into London in just over two hours. So, whenever you need to travel for a meeting, you will be able to do it with relative ease.

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