June 13, 2024
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How Do Travellers Make Money – 10 Clever Ways

Travelling is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can have. Not only does it allow you to explore new places, meet new people and broaden your horizons, but it also allows you to make money. But making money as a traveller can be tricky. If you’re trying to make money on your travels, chances are that you’re not covering all your bases. That’s why we created an extensive list of ways for travellers to earn extra cash while travelling. We’ve got everything from freelancing and teaching online courses to selling digital printables and pet sitting.

How Do Travellers Make Money – 10 Clever Ways

1. Freelancing


Freelancing can be a great way to make extra money while travelling. Many websites and agencies offer freelance work, making it easy for anyone to get involved and earn money. You don’t need any special skills or training to start freelancing. Many jobs involve basic internet research, writing, editing, and other tasks, so anyone with those skills can easily find a job to earn money travelling. Freelancing offers flexibility and control over your income. You can pick the jobs you want to work on and the hours you want to work each week. It also allows you to focus on what interests you most, giving you more freedom to travel and explore as much as you like.

2. Photography


Travellers can make money by taking photographs for tourists. This is one of the most popular ways to earn money as a traveller. One can take photographs of various attractions, places, and events in different countries. Travellers can also sell their photographs online or at tourist attractions. They can offer photography classes to tourists. These photography jobs are ideal for those who enjoy travelling and want to pursue a career in the travel industry.

3. Online Surveys

Online Surveys

Online surveys can be a great way for travellers to make money. Many online survey sites offer money for completing short and simple surveys for a range of different products and services. Some online surveys may require more detailed answers, and the payouts can be higher. It is important to research the online survey websites and ensure they are legitimate before signing up. If you find a survey that sounds interesting, it’s best to do some research before deciding whether or not it’s worth investing time and money in.

4. Sell Digital Printables

Sell Digital Printables

Travellers make money by selling digital printables like digital e-Books, digital products, and coupons. These can be sold via various platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and others. The key to making money is to have a good product or service that people want to buy. This can be achieved through proper marketing and branding of your product.

5. Teach Online Courses

Teach Online Courses

Travellers make money by teaching online courses. They use online tutoring platforms such as TutorVista and PluralEyes to teach individuals around the world how to improve their skills and knowledge in a specific field. These courses offer the opportunity for travellers to earn money from home and be their own bosses without any additional investments. They can also earn money by participating in online surveys and article-writing opportunities on sites such as Swagbucks.

6. Street Performances

Street Performances

Many travellers have to earn a living by performing on the streets. They may sing, dance, and tell jokes for tips or have fun. Performances often take place at bus or train stations, on beaches, in parks, and even in people’s homes. To make money as a street performer, determine if you have a passion for entertaining audiences. If so, then it can be your full-time job. Decide on an area with high foot traffic and a good reputation for being safe, such as a popular tourist destination or a well-known entertainment district. Start with simple performances such as singing karaoke or dancing along to popular music.

7. Pet Sit

Pet Sit

Travellers make money as pet sitters or dog walkers. It is a common way for people to earn extra money when they are on vacation or travelling abroad. They can charge a fee to watch or walk your pets or offer services such as dog walking, in-home pet sitting, and more.

It is essential to be sure that the person you choose to take care of your pets is bonded and insured. It will protect both parties in the event of an emergency. Travellers must take precautions such as selecting a reliable, trustworthy individual with animal experience. In an emergency, they should also pay attention to safety measures such as ensuring the individual is well-equipped with supplies, including food, water, and first aid kits.

8. Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant

Many people travel by air, but do you know how much money they make as flight attendants? It is not at all easy to make money as a flight attendant because of their high salary. But if you are determined and have good communication skills, then it will be possible for you to make a decent amount of money as a flight attendant.

9. Travel Nurse

Travel Nurse

A travel nurse is a healthcare professional who is employed to provide medical care in various settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and community centres. Travel nurses are typically employed on short-term contracts and are often paid at a premium rate due to their specialized skills and experience.

A travel nurse can expect to be reimbursed for any travel costs, such as airfare and lodging. Other travel jobs, such as hostel workers or tour guides, may also offer free accommodation in exchange for work. A travel nurse’s job offers many benefits, including the chance to gain valuable experience in a different field and the ability to travel and work globally.

10. Teach English Abroad

Teach English Abroad

Generally, travellers who want to make money teaching English are in the first-person-expatriate market. This means they come to other countries and teach English to locals for a fee. They can do this on a part-time basis or as their full-time job. They can make money teaching English in several ways, depending on their skills and preferences.


Travellers are always looking for ways to make money, and there are a variety of ways that they can do this. Whether they are looking for ways to earn extra cash while on vacation or looking for ways to make money from home, travellers have plenty of options available to them. This article will look at 10 clever ways for travellers to make money. By taking a look at these tips, you will be able to find the method that best suits your needs and start making money right away!

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