July 23, 2024
jobs for 16 year olds

Jobs For 16 Year Olds – Top 10 Jobs

For many 16-year-olds, finding a job is the first step toward financial independence. Many firms will recruit 16-year-olds, but it is critical to understand how and when you may work before looking for suitable employment. Most 16-year-olds are still in school, so finding a career that works around your schooling is critical. This post will look at the types of occupations available to 16-year-olds and how to locate your dream employment.

Jobs For 16-Year-Olds – Top 10 Jobs

What types of occupations are available to 16-year-olds?

A wide range of jobs is suitable for younger people, some of which may provide a strong foundation for the professional life they will have in the future. There are a lot of 16-year-olds who have a job on the side, even though jobs during the evenings, on weekends, and during the summer are often better suited for younger workers. Some jobs are inappropriate for 16-year-olds, such as working in an establishment that sells alcohol or in a betting shop. On construction sites and in industrial settings, additional limitations are placed on the types of work that 16-year-olds are permitted to do.

1. Supermarket cashier

Supermarket cashier

National Average Hourly Wage: £9.19

Primary Responsibilities: Supermarket shop assistants stack shelves, rotate stock, and choose items for online orders submitted for delivery or pickup. Supermarkets are often teen-friendly businesses, and several professions are available inside supermarkets that are appropriate for younger employees.

2. Retail sales representative

Retail sales representative

National Average Hourly Wage: £8.87

Retail sales associates assist customers and check inventory at a retail business. They also supervise fitting rooms, return products to their proper position, and assist clients in finding the perfect size and type of apparel. Personal shopper services may need the hiring of extra personnel to inspect inventories and get specified goods for consumers.

3. Barista at a coffee establishment

Barista at a coffee establishment

National Average Hourly Wage: £8.93

A coffee shop assistant’s primary responsibilities include taking orders, making beverages, preparing essential food, and handling money. Cafes and coffee shops are excellent places for young people to work part-time after school or on weekends. Some bigger chains provide specialized training for their employees, which might be perfect for a young individual looking to gain skills that will be useful in future professions.

4. Waiting for personnel

Waiting for personnel

Average National Salary: £19,930 per year

Waiting staff at a restaurant welcome clients and wait tables, and offer beverages. Depending on the size of the establishment, waiting for staff may assist with meal preparation, plating appetizers, and desserts, and cleaning up. Waiting is an excellent opportunity for young individuals to obtain experience in the food service sector and may be an excellent entry-level job for anybody interested in working in the restaurant industry.

5. Housekeeper in a hotel

Housekeeper in a hotel

National Average Hourly Wage: £9.16

Hotel housekeepers are in charge of cleaning rooms, providing meals, and keeping the hotel grounds clean and secure. Several hotels hire younger employees for their cleaning services. Some duties may be physically demanding, such as lifting baggage or picking up laundry. In contrast, others may involve more administrative abilities, such as helping at reception, processing room service orders, and preparing bills and invoices.

6. Sports trainer

Sports trainer

Average National Salary: £29,358 per year

Sports coaches provide warm-ups, explain athletic tactics, and organize activities to assist their pupils in mastering sports abilities. Suppose you are proficient in a particular activity, such as climbing, martial arts, or gymnastics. In that case, you may be able to get a job aiding a coach during their courses, assisting students, and assisting with equipment checks. Some sports clubs provide an opportunity for young coaches to obtain credentials to become umpires, judges, or referees, which may lead to other professional prospects.

7. Watchman


National Average Hourly Wage: £9.14

Lifeguards check the pool for troubled swimmers, supervise pool equipment such as slides and dive pools, and enforce pool laws. You might work as a lifeguard or pool attendant, help with swimming courses or parties, or teach small groups in the pool, provided you finish the proper training.

8. Theatre Attendant

Theatre Attendant

National Average Hourly Wage: £8.52

  • Primary responsibilities include:
  • Keeping public spaces clean and neat.
  • Assisting patrons in finding their seats.
  • Providing aid during performances.

They may also provide food and refreshments during the intermission and help guests access or other special requirements. If you are interested in the arts, you may find your perfect career anywhere from tiny regional theatres to large movie chains. Attendees get to attend events for free and may get priority booking or ticket discounts, so there may be a variety of incentives in addition to your pay.

9. Babysitters


National Average Hourly Wage: £11.71

Babysitters who are adept at entertaining and caring for youngsters will always be in demand. This is a terrific job for a young kid and a great chance to improve your childcare skills. You may schedule it around your academics and establish a client base that might lead to a regular job. You may create your charges, and you can add a greater fee for numerous children or times when the parents will be arriving late. Look for possible customers among your friends’ parents, and remember that word-of-mouth is typically the most effective approach to locating new families to work with.

10. Car wash worker

Car wash worker

National Average Hourly Wage: £8.94

Car washers utilise proper cleaning products to wash the exterior and tyres of automobiles, and some even provide inside cleaning. If you have neighbours who need assistance keeping their cars clean, you may offer your services when convenient for you and turn vehicle washing into a good weekend or holiday. This is an excellent opportunity for 16-year-olds who wish to supplement their income without committing to regular hours.


Following the National Minimum Wage, 16-year-olds are required to be paid a minimum of £4.55 per hour for work that is considered to be regular employment. Apprentices, who are required to receive a wage of at least £4.15 per hour, are exempt from this requirement. Some companies may provide a greater rate, but they can’t provide a lower rate.

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