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Part Time Jobs For 16 Year Olds with No Exper

Part Time Jobs For 16 Year Olds with No Experience – Top 10

In today’s society, you don’t need a college degree to get a job. In the United Kingdom, there are several opportunities for 16-year-olds. Even kids as young as 15 may perform some of these professions during summer vacation. So, if you want to earn some additional money while acquiring practical experience, finding a job is a must!

Part Time Jobs For 16 Year Olds with No Experience – Top 10 Jobs

This post will go over everything you need to know before starting a job as a teenager. We’ll also go through some of the UK’s most popular careers for 16-year-olds.

1. Babysitting


Babysitting is one of the most straightforward professions for 16-year-olds in the UK. It is also a standard career option among youths. You can discover babysitting jobs in your region because parents are constantly eager to go out in the evenings, whether they have jobs or other commitments.

As a babysitter, you are responsible for the children until their parents get home. It’s a straightforward job since you don’t have to prepare meals or perform baby-related activities. You must ensure they are secure and alive until their parents get home.

2. Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Dog walking is another simple job for 16-year-olds. Most dog owners in the United Kingdom do not have the time to walk their pets twice a day. Some, however, are willing to pay others to walk their pets. Furthermore, there are many professional dog walkers available. They are also paid to take the dogs for daily walks.

3. Car Wash

Did you realize that the UK has over 30 million registered cars? It’s safe to assume they all need to be washed now and then. Car washing is one of the UK’s most basic professions available to 16-year-olds. Approach the owner and offer to wash their vehicle.

Most property owners in your area will undoubtedly accept your services. Do you understand why? While professional vehicle washes are available, they are pricey and require the owners to drive there. So, if they can have good work done on their automobile in their garage for less money, they’ll give it a go. Please make sure that their automobile is clean, waxed, and dried.

4. Gardening

Gardening is one of the most relaxing professions for 16-year-olds. This is particularly true if you have “green fingers.” You may be able to get some employment in your neighborhood cleaning up people’s gardens. Cleaning up leaves and watering the grass may be the extent of your gardening responsibilities. Furthermore, weeding, trimming, and planting are valuable skills to have. It will provide you with an advantage over your competition.

5. Pubs and Restaurants

Working in a bar or restaurant is one of the most enjoyable careers for 16-year-olds. Meeting the general people regularly might also be beneficial to your confidence. However, owing to alcohol rules, specific restaurant and bar occupations may not be available to teens. In a restaurant where you work, you can only offer alcohol if it is ordered with a meal. Furthermore, alcohol pulled from the pump is permitted in some areas of the UK.

6. Work in Stores

Work in Stores

Some local businesses remain open till late at night. So, if you want to work at a shop throughout the school year, you may! Look for shops in your neighborhood and send your CV to the front desk. Working at supermarkets is also one of the best careers for 16-year-olds.

Furthermore, during the summer vacations, retail sales are at their height. And they need more excellent assistance in handling the increased strain of pressure. You may only work part-time if you are under the age of 16. During peak season, though, you may easily make a nice living working part-time.

7. Take Part in Paid surveys

Companies and research organizations are eager to discover what the general public and customers think about their goods. Teenagers are the ideal population for this kind of employment. While doing paid surveys, you will express your thoughts and opinions on the items and services.

8. Tutor Young Children

Are you enthusiastic about particular topics and consistently provide excellent results?

Then you may undoubtedly locate a home tutoring job near you. Students often need assistance in math, English, science, and language. You may not be able to earn the same salary as an expert with a degree in that topic. You will, however, make a good living doing something you like.

9. Author/Blogger

Author Blogger

You may earn an excellent living by writing or blogging. It is another of the most straightforward occupations, provided you have a good command of the English language. Being aware of many themes and international events will come in helpful as a writer. You might sign up to join a blogging network that offers a set fee for each post. In addition, some of these networks will provide you with a percentage of the money they make through advertisements.

10. Delivery Boy

In your city, you may apply for a delivery job. Make sure to apply for a driver’s license ahead of time. Even throughout your term, you may work as a part-time delivery person. In addition, professions that include food delivery often come with the perk of getting tips from customers after each delivery. In addition, you are free to put in extra hours on the weekends and at night if you want.


Have you ever wondered what employment is available for 16-year-olds? The minimum age threshold for employment in the UK is 13 years old! However, most teens begin working at 16, the minimum school leaving age at which a young person may get full-time employment. For young individuals at employment, there are several norms and restrictions. How many hours a 16-year-old can work and where 16-year-olds may work can be a minefield! But we can tell you that in England, a 16-year-old working full-time is required by law to attend part-time education or training until 18. We have listed the best ten jobs for 16-year-olds without experience, which is helpful if you need some additional income.

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