June 14, 2024
Jobs For 16 Year Olds in Birmingham

Jobs For 16 Year Olds in Birmingham – Top 10

Buildings are bordered with Victorian redbrick residences and have a distinct midlands ‘Brummie’ accent from the enormous spaghetti intersection. When you get to Birmingham, you’ll know.

Birmingham is located in the English West Midlands. And, being Britain’s second-biggest city, with a population of over one million and hundreds of enterprises, you’ll have enough to do here. In addition to some fantastic job possibilities.

Birmingham was formerly known as the “World’s Workshop” because it originated many scientific achievements and unique innovations. There, custard powder, gas lights, and radiography were created. Cadbury chocolate, the Bullring, and Peaky Blinders are now all in Birmingham. In addition to having lots to do, see, and buy in Birmingham, it’s also a great area to start your career. Here, we’ll look at the top 10 jobs for 16-year-olds in Birmingham.

Top 10 Best Jobs For 16-Year-Olds in Birmingham

1. Housekeeper


Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning and informing the homeowner or management in charge of any safety issues. Among the tasks they must complete are vacuuming, sweeping, emptying trash cans, dusting shelves, wiping windows, and mopping floors. Some Housekeepers handle little ironing and laundry, as well as changing bedding and washing dishes. On the other hand, hotel housekeepers clean, arrange and maintain guest rooms and other hotel public spaces. They provide a better and safer visitor experience by upholding tidiness and cleanliness standards across the facility.

2. Receptionist

Receptionists are often a company’s first employees to contact a customer or client. They are responsible for generating a positive first impression for the company, which might affect the business’s success. Receptionists’ particular tasks differ depending on where they work. Receptionists at hospitals and physicians’ offices may take personal information from patients and lead them to the waiting area. Some may be in charge of billing and insurance payments. Receptionists may offer security in significant organizations and government offices. For example, they manage entrance to the organization, issue visitor credentials, and arrange for guests to be taken to the appropriate office.

3. The Front of the House

Front-of-house workers in restaurants, bars, and gastropubs offer a consistent and high-quality customer experience. They organize reservations, welcome visitors, show them to tables, and answer any customer concerns or complaints. In restaurants, front-of-house personnel receives, greet, and transmits guests’ demands. Employees in this area include hosts, waiters, and sommeliers, among others.

4. Business Support Officer

Business Support Officers provide administrative and project support to specific departments and functions within an organization or as part of a shared services team. Business Support Officers must have excellent organizational, time management, and communication abilities. Administrative and business support experience is preferred. Setup and assistance for meetings and events. Critical business systems and registers, such as BCP and Service Registers, must be updated and maintained.

5. Kitchen Team Member

Kitchen Team Member

Kitchen aides are responsible for all kitchen cleaning, washing, and preparation tasks. They help chefs and kitchen managers with all responsibilities essential to guarantee the efficient functioning of kitchen operations. There is no credit card necessary for this trial. Keeping this in mind, a kitchen worker may spend time preparing food, unloading deliveries, washing dishes, sterilizing work stations, engaging with clients, and completing various other jobs.

6. Site Supervisor

Site Supervisor

A Site Supervisor, also known as a Construction Site Supervisor, completes construction projects by planning, managing, and directing projects, conducting quality inspections, and overseeing subcontractors and workers. Coordination of many diverse contributors is required for construction projects. They manage a group of team members by providing effective feedback and communicating corporate objectives, analyzing job performance, finding areas for development, and providing training opportunities. Communicates with the management team on corporate objectives, project deadlines, and employee performance.

7. Holiday Scheme Assistant

Holiday Scheme Assistant

Assist in providing day-to-day supervised care for children in the Holiday Club, creating a demanding atmosphere that promotes the children’s overall development. Collaborate with others to ensure that a high level of care fulfills the school’s requirements and ambitions. Liaise with colleagues and, if needed, work on more significant school issues/activities.

8. Personal Outreach Advisor

Personal Outreach Advisor

The primary job is to give members support and help to enable and empower them. Ensure that the files, evaluations, and documentation of outreach members are up to date. Teach and enhance our members’ communication, interaction, and social behavior abilities. They ought to have a good awareness of the municipality’s/school district’s community resources; good knowledge of the local community and people; familiarity with interview methods; familiarity with local social agencies that may help with issues in the region.

9. Science Technician

A scientific technician is in charge of preparing practical equipment, assisting instructors with technical issues, and assuring the health and safety of laboratories and prep rooms. Depending on the school size, they may work alone or as part of a team. As part of a scientific team, this might entail sampling, testing, measuring, documenting, and analyzing data. Your role is to give all the technical assistance needed to keep the laboratory running smoothly while following proper protocols and health and safety norms.

10. MFL Teacher

MFL Teacher

With the changes to immigration laws announced by the Home Office and UK Visas and Immigration, modern foreign language instructors will have a broader chance to enter the UK. Carry out teaching responsibilities per the school’s work plans and the National Curriculum. Plan and deliver MFL classes and other learning activities in compliance with the school’s Teaching & Learning Policy while ensuring that lessons are based on defined learning goals.


Birmingham is a well-known worldwide hub for industry, business, and trade. Manufacturing and engineering are the most important industry, contributing significantly to the national economy and employing over 100,000 people. Birmingham is growing faster than London (check out the stats above to see how many). Birmingham’s economic boom is said to have been aided by the expansion of the financial and professional services and the engineering industries. Above is the list of top 10 jobs for 16-year-olds in Birmingham.

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