May 19, 2024
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Business Administration Jobs – Top 10 Business Administrator Vacancies

The business administration team executes all business-related activities, such as sales and marketing, human resources, accounting and finance. Whether you are pursuing a management or non-management job in business administration, there are many career opportunities that await you. This career path is perfect for individuals who want to work from home. Individuals in this career can work as an administrator with various companies, be it a large company or a private firm. Individuals in this career can work from anywhere and scale up their responsibilities as they grow in the organization.

Business Administration Jobs – Top 10 Business Administrator Vacancies

1. Business Services Administrator

Business Services Administrator

The business services administrator is responsible for coordinating, managing, and overseeing the business development and services of an organization. Businesses depend on business services to function properly, and that’s why businesses look to business service administrators to ensure all business processes are running smoothly and efficiently. A business service administrator is tasked with developing and implementing business processes and systems, ensuring that organizational resources are used effectively and efficiently, leading customers’ relationships, and developing budget proposals. The role includes providing leadership and direction to staff in the provision of business services, such as human resources management and procurement.

2. Business & Finance Administrator

Business & Finance Administrator

This is a senior-level position that oversees the day-to-day operations of a company’s business activities. They are responsible for budgeting, scheduling, and organizing workflows to ensure that all tasks are completed on time and within budget. A finance administrator is in charge of all financial planning and performance related to a company’s overall operations. They work with the CEO to develop long-term strategies and make sure that the company’s finances are in good shape so that it can sustain its growth over the long term.

3. Business Administrator

Business Administrator

The business administrator is responsible for the overall operations of a business, including financial management, human resources, marketing, and other functions. Such professionals typically have a degree in business or a related field. They are vital to any organization for their vast experience and skill in handling administrative work. The business administrator is an important member of a company’s team and plays an important role in its success. There are many opportunities for career growth in this field as the demands for business administrators increase with the growth of organizations. The business administrator is crucial to any organization and plays an important role in its operations.

4. Project Administrator – Remote

Project Administrator - Remote

A project administrator is an integral part of any organization’s IT department, responsible for the management and execution of projects, both in-house and outsourced. A project administrator should have a degree in business administration or a related field. Besides, they should be proficient in Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. They should also be highly organized and able to work independently as well as part of a team. In addition to these, they must be familiar with IT infrastructure and be able to manage various tasks such as creating proposals and plans, tracking budgets, resolving issues, and more.

5. New Business Administrator (Part-time, Full-time, or Job-share)

New Business Administrator (Part-time, Full-time, or Job-share)

A business administrator is responsible for the overall running of a business. Depending on the size and scope of the business, a business administrator could be responsible for finance, human resources, and marketing in business and other areas. If a business admin is part-time or full-time, they may have to handle a variety of responsibilities in these fields. They could be tasked with managing budgets, staffing and employee relations, or setting organizational goals. Job-share businesses are becoming increasingly popular as they allow businesses to hire a full-time business administrator on a part-time job basis. This allows businesses to hire someone with the experience and skills necessary to run the organization without taking on all of the overhead costs associated with hiring a full-time employee.

6. Personal Assistant – Business Support Team

Personal Assistant - Business Support Team

The personal assistant of the business support team position is responsible for providing administrative support to the business. In this role, you’ll handle various tasks such as filing, communication, and tracking of records. You’ll also be responsible for handling customer service, managing appointments and meetings, and other general office duties. To be eligible for the job, you should have good organizational skills and a minimum level of clerical experience. Moreover, you must be passionate about working in a customer service-oriented environment. As a business support team member, you will enjoy an excellent work environment and great career growth opportunities. However, it is essential that you possess the required qualifications and experience for the job.

7. Senior Business Administrator

Senior Business Administrator

The Senior Business Administrator (SBA) is responsible for a wide range of activities across an organization. The role calls for excellent leadership, communication, and organizational skills. An SBA must also have experience in a relevant industry or sector. Ideally, the person should have a minimum of five years of experience in a senior-level position in a business administration role. Also, he or she should hold a degree from an accredited university or college with an income of post-graduate work experience in business administration or accounting. The SBA must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office is essential for the role.

8. Business Support Administrator

Business Support Administrator

The Business Support Administrator is responsible for providing support to a business via telephone, email, and online chat. They ensure that all customer inquiries are responded to within a set timeframe and that all inquiries are tracked and monitored. The Business Support Administrator is also responsible for maintaining the customer database and ensuring that all customer information is up-to-date. In addition, the Business Support Administrator is expected to provide support in relation to marketing activities and generating new business leads. The successful candidate will have a good understanding of Microsoft office products and be comfortable working under pressure. The salary range for this position starts from £18,000 per annum and can go up to £25,000 depending on qualifications and experience.

9. Business Improvement Administrator

Business Improvement Administrator

The business improvement administrator is responsible for a business or division’s overall management and operation. They help identify and resolve problems, set goals, and direct resources to achieve objectives. The business improvement administrator oversees performance appraisals and reviews employee records. A business improvement administrator must have excellent communication and leadership skills. They may also need to know accounting, statistics, and management principles. Salary ranges for a business improvement administrator vary based on experience and qualifications. The business improvement administrator is in high demand, so be prepared to interview for the position.

10. Notice Processing Administrator – Working From Home

Notice Processing Administrator - Working From Home

This position requires excellent communication and organizational skills, along with proficiency in Microsoft Office. The Notice Processing Administrator must have excellent computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. In addition to these essential abilities, the job requires proficiency in tax systems and systems analysis. The position also requires a degree in business administration or related discipline, experience in the relevant field of taxation, and experience in customer service. The Notice Processing Administrator may work from home occasionally depending on office needs or operational requirements. A competitive salary and excellent benefits are offered to the successful candidate.


There are various business administration jobs that can be done from home, and they can help you work flexible hours and make better use of your time. Further, business administration jobs allow you to work from your preferred location and travel at your convenience. Hence, if you’re looking for an alternative to office jobs, business administration could just be the job for you.

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