May 19, 2024
Why Should Video Streaming Services Care About the Quality of Experience

Why Should Video Streaming Services Care About the Quality of Experience?

The number of VOD streaming services in the market allows viewers to choose which one to access. They take into account multiple factors when making the decision. To generalize, we are talking about the quality of experience viewers get on your service. It means that every aspect of the user’s interactions with your video-on-demand platform influences the overall impression.

Brands that have a high level of user satisfaction have larger user bases. People tend to return for more similar experiences meaning that video streaming services have higher retention rates and revenue. Let’s talk about that in detail.

What is Quality of Experience (QoE)?

What is Quality of Experience

Quality of experience refers to the measurements of customer satisfaction levels. It includes customers’ impressions of your service, the product itself, and whether or not it meets viewers’ expectations.

Brands that manage to meet those expectations deliver the best experiences making customers happier. People have a better quality of experience and are likely to stay loyal to the brand.

Defining the Difference: Quality of Experience, Quality of Service, and User Experience

Quality of Experience-Quality of Service-User Experience

Quality of experience, quality of service, and user experience all refer to the customer satisfaction level. Let’s observe the difference:

1. Quality of Experience

Quality of service is the measurement of customer satisfaction with the work of the service. It can be essential for streaming services as their failure to provide, for example, network speed impacts the customer experience. People don’t like watching videos with interruptions – that’s why they tend to leave the service.

2. Quality of Service

User experience is usually a focus for designers and developers as it concerns interfaces. They need to ensure that the interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

3. Quality of Experience

Quality of experience comprises user experience and quality of service, but it takes into account non-material factors, like user expectations for a product. It can refer to the general user’s impression of the service.

What Does Influence Quality of Experience?

What Does Influence Quality of Experience

Multiple factors can impact user satisfaction. However, there are elements that we can describe.

Things like knowledge of a brand, expectations from the brand, and if the brand lives up to those expectations can positively influence the quality of experience. Personalization of the service can be a part of this process.

It should be noted that these marketing segmentation factors are not always completely under your control. It is better to conduct marketing research to understand your target audience and its needs.

The way the service mitigates technical issues and helps customers deal with their problems are also essential factors. Viewers need to know that they can contact you to get help if there are troubles.

Why Should You Care About Quality of Experience?

Why Should You Care About Quality of Experience

You should care about the quality of experience because the success of your video streaming service depends on that. It depends on your ability to offer good service to viewers. Control of what customers can experience with your customer service is crucial as it can influence the viewer’s decision to stay or leave.

You want people to buy your product – and that’s why you need to meet their expectations as well as possible. Your revenue also depends on that.

Happy customers mean successful business.

Final Thoughts

Quality of experience is a vital measurement of customer satisfaction with your video streaming service. It is essential for you to learn your viewer’ needs, interests, and preferences with the help of analytics and direct communication. When you understand their needs, you can live up to them, making your service even more appealing to customers. They would want to continue watching your content longer and more often, which means you can generate more revenue.

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