June 13, 2024
Ways Japanese Knotweed Can Damage Your Business Property

Four Ways Japanese Knotweed Can Damage Your Business Property

Japanese knotweed is known as the United Kingdom’s most invasive and notorious growth. It can grow rapidly and cause a lot of damage to any property. Of course, commercial buildings can be greatly damaged if Japanese knotweed affects the structure of their building or settles in the cracks of masonry.

The damage caused by Japanese Knotweed can undermine your business property aesthetically and financially. That is why it is important to take timely action and get in touch with professionals for help. Otherwise, they can keep growing and undermine the value and health of your property.

Four Ways Japanese Knotweed Can Damage Your Business Property

Here are some of the ways that Japanese Knotweed can affect your business property.

1. Structural Damage

Structural Damage

Japanese Knotweed can grow through cracks in concrete, tarmac, and many other surfaces. In addition, Japanese rhizomes need water and can cross many bounds to get to moisture. As a result, it can also take over the pipe system of your business property, leading to many problems.

These problems can lead to blockage and sometimes lift of pipe works. Of course, the Japanese Knotweed can also mingle with the internet and underground electricity cables on the way. Hence, the structural damage can progress beyond every little time.

Over time, notable structural damage caused by Japanese Knotweed can undermine the value of your business property, leading to financial and aesthetic loss. You can prevent it by calling japanese knotweed removal in London.

2. Hard Surfaces

Hard Surfaces

Japanese Knotweed is a resilient plant that can re-emerge even after 20 years, especially if the structure of your business property is uneven. These roots can attack all weak spots in the structure of your property as well as its joints. As a result, your commercial building may weaken more and more with time if you do not find a suitable solution today.

The Japanese Knotweed has very strong roots. Once it finds a reliable source of moisture, it will go on to grow and thrive in search of light. Their strength can challenge the durability of Asphalt, pavements, patio slabs, and much more.

You may be surprised to know that even concrete is unsafe when Japanese Knotweed attacks. It gets to work if it finds one vulnerable spot in the concrete structure. Timely help from professionals is the only way to stop it in its tracks.

3.Cavity Walls

Cavity Walls

Business property developers put in a lot of hard work to create sturdy structures. After all, commercial and business buildings face more traffic than residential structures. Unfortunately, no amount of effort or assurance of quality ensures your safety from Japanese Knotweed in the UK.

Even after the best efforts, it is likely that a business building will have some cracks and weak spots. Japanese Knotweed takes advantage of such vulnerabilities to get to your air bricks and vents. Yes, it is possible because Japanese Knotweed can grow up to two meters above the ground.

Over time, it can make its way into the cavity walls of your business building. The scariest thing to know is that the Japanese Knotweed is strong enough to push the two skins of the wall apart to make its way. Such damage can cost a lot to be repaired and reversed if possible.

4. Legal Issues

Japanese Knotweed is classified as controlled waste in the United Kingdom. If found on a property, its value can go down quickly. In addition, it also becomes hard for business property owners to find mortgage and insurance options to consider.

In such circumstances, business building owners have no choice but to suffer legally and financially. Of course, an outsider will always blame you for the damage caused to your business building and its functions.

Not to forget, Japanese Knotweed can also hinder your business operations due to damage to the building. Such issues can result in loss of revenue and productivity before you know it.

Summing it Up

There are many ways Japanese Knotweed can damage your business property. It is a resilient plant that can cross any bounds to grow. You cannot let such invasive growths thrive on your property and cause irreversible damage. Instead, the ideal thing to do is to call professionals for help

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