July 23, 2024
11 Best Businesses To Launch For Beginners

11 Best Businesses To Launch For Beginners

Have you been thinking about starting your own business but maybe can’t decide on a business plan? Then take a look at the post below. We’re going to be covering 11 different business ideas to help inspire you into starting your own venture. We’ve covered a wide variety of different business styles covering different skills and experience levels, so you’re sure to find something that works for you. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

11 Best Businesses To Launch For Beginners

1. Opening An E-Commerce Store

Opening An E-Commerce Store

If you have a product you want to sell and earn some extra money from, then you could consider opening your own e-commerce store. Having an online store to sell your products allows you to be making money at any time of the day and even while you work at your day job. Whether you make the products yourself or purchase from suppliers, running your own online store doesn’t require full-time attention and allows you to be making extra money to support other areas of your life. The key to a successful e-commerce store is having a well-designed site to appeal to your customers. Working with a Shopify agency such as Charle can help your e-commerce store to reach its full potential and see your earnings from it grow. Make sure to research your competitors and your target audience to find out how can improve your online store and increase your profits. Conducting consumer research can help you to improve marketing strategies and with choosing which products to sell on your site. Opening an E-Commerce store is easy as there are many online learning courses to watch and do.

2. Upcycling Items To Sell

Upcycling Items To Sell

If you’re good at DIY projects and arts and crafts, then upcycling can be a great option for earning some extra cash. Most people tend to choose second-hand pieces of furniture to upcycle, making improvements to them and making them more aesthetically appealing so they can then charge a higher price when they sell them. However, you could also try upcycling clothing and jewellery. For example, repairing vintage items and adding new tailoring or embroidery can give them a new lease of life. Personalising items means you can charge extra for your designs so that people will have an item that’s unique to them. Make sure you save as much money as you can on the equipment you need for upcycling projects to help make sure you’re making as much money as possible when you sell your items.

3. Renting Out A Holiday Home

Renting Out A Holiday Home

If you have a second property or holiday home, you could rent out it out when it’s not being used to bring in some extra income. You can either be heavily involved in renting out your property or take a more distanced approach. If you don’t want to be responsible for cleaning and maintaining your holiday home, then you can outsource this to a cleaning and maintenance agency. Just be sure to look at reviews from your guests to help you establish if there are any improvements that need to be made.

4. Property Development

Another similar option for making more money is to try out property development. You do need the funds in place in order to get started with this option, and ideally plenty of experience with DIY and property management. You have different options for how you make money from property development. You can flip properties, meaning you renovate them and improve them structurally and aesthetically, then sell them in a short space of time for a profit. Or you can rent them out and earn your money back from them in the long term. Either way, you need to be ready to commit to investing your time and money into projects as the more involved you get the more money you can save on hiring contractors to do the work for you.

5. Online Tutoring Business

Online Tutoring Business

If you have a high level of knowledge in a particular subject such as maths or second languages, then becoming an online tutor could be a great option for a new business venture. With online based tutoring, it gives you more flexibility to work around other commitments, so it could potentially coexist with another job. Not only does this business give you the opportunity to earn more money each month, but it can also be incredibly rewarding as you’ll be helping others achieve their goals.

6. Launching A Copywriting Business

Launching A Copywriting Business

If you enjoy writing and think you can use your creative flair to help other businesses, then launching your own copywriting business could be the perfect venture for you. Copywriting involves creating written content for businesses to help improve their sites and target their consumer audience. To start working with other businesses and begin earning money from your copywriting services, you will need to build up a portfolio of work to help sell your business. This might involve doing some voluntary and unpaid work for a few businesses in order to build up experience and examples to show to potential clients. Once you start charging, you can work this out by the number of words you’re writing for a client and how much content they need to be created.

7. Becoming A Content Creator

Becoming A Content Creator

Another option for making money online is to become a content creator. This involves creating usually daily content on social media platforms and your own website and building up a following as an audience for your content. Once you start to gain a bigger number of followers and drive up more engagement on your platforms and site, you might be able to score lucrative deals with different businesses to advertise their products.

8. Becoming A Dog Walker

Becoming A Dog Walker

A fun and enriching way of earning some extra money is to start your own dog-walking business. The prices you charge will depend on the amount of time a customer wants you to walk their dog, as well as the size and behaviour of their dog. It’s important to make sure you take out public liability insurance as a dog walker to make sure you’re covered in the event of a dog under your care causing an accident with a member of the public. You can either run your business locally or invest in a van with built-in kennels to help you with travelling further afield.

9. Training As A Life Coach

Training As A Life Coach

If you are looking for a successful business that involves you being able to help other people, then training to become a life coach can be a great option. To be a good life coach, you will need to possess traits such as a calm and understanding personality. Being a good listener is a must to being a life coach, as well as problem-solving and reasoning skills. You can take online training courses to become a life coach and offer online coaching, making it easy to fit around your lifestyle.

10. Bookkeeping And Accounting

Bookkeeping And Accounting

If you’re good with numbers or have experience in accounting, you could set up your own bookkeeping and accounting business. Running your accounting business allows you to choose the amount of work you want to take on, giving you greater control over your workload than being employed as an accountant for someone else.

11. Becoming A PA

Becoming A PA

Lastly, there is the option to become a personal assistant for someone else. This a great option if you are highly organised, practical, and deadline focused. You also need to have great people skills to stand out as a PA, as you will be working closely with your clients. Although traditionally done in-person, virtual PAs are becoming more popular, as it gives both the PA and the client more flexibility in terms of meetings and communication.

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