July 13, 2024
How the Power Grid Hinders Renewable Energy

How the Power Grid Hinders Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the future for all aspects of your life, and yet it seems as though the current system could use some improvement before it can fully support the level of renewable energy that will be needed to become fully reliant on green energy. Industries such as wind energy, solar energy and geothermal energy are all becoming more commonly used, and are part of the government’s pledge to be net zero for carbon by 2050.

How Does The Energy Grid Work?

How Does The Energy Grid Work

The National Grid is made up of a network of power lines, pipelines for gas, and electrical storage facilities. The way they are all connected ensures that all areas of Great Britain have power.

Electricity is injected into the National Grid from different power sources, such as wind farms. It is then transported through the network via pylons, cables and substations until it reaches local distribution networks. These local networks run at a lower voltage so that the electricity can be safely transferred into your home or business.

Aspects That Power Grid Hinder Renewable Energy

Aspects That Power Grid Hinder Renewable Energy

As the renewable energy sector grows, issues with connecting sources to the National Grid become apparent.

One of the biggest issues is capacity. It is estimated that some renewable energy companies may have to wait until 2036 to be connected. There are around 600 projects in England and Wales that will need a capacity of 176GW, whereas there is a connected capacity of 64GW. Due to the original grid being designed to be used by coal power plants, major upgrades will have to be completed to fulfil the promised projects.

Another issue is with the way that the Nation Grid organises projects to be plugged in. The system works on a first come, first served basis. Whilst this is a fair way to ensure that every business feels secure, it can cause delays. If a business that is higher up in the queue hits some planning or personal development issues, all the projects below on the list are stalled until it is fixed.

How Is The Grid Being Improved?

How Is The Grid Being Improved

In 2022 the ESO, which is Britain’s system operator for electricity, published a series of documents outlining an integrated approach for adding electricity from offshore wind farms to the power grid. These plans represent an investment of £54 billion which is one of the highest investment plans since the 1960s.

Switching to renewable energy can be difficult to navigate so seeking expert help in these matters can benefit you greatly. Not only will you ensure you are legally compliant, but an energy transition law firm will guide you through the process and help you to get your head around it all.

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