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jobs for 13 year olds

Jobs For 13 Year Olds – Top 10 Jobs

Everyone reaches an age when they wish they had more money than their monthly £5 pocket money. When you reach this stage, you should consider searching for part-time employment. Finding a well-paying job as a teenager is much simpler than it used to be. Teens may apply for employment and locate side hustles online from the comfort of their homes, in addition to traditional adolescent occupations like working in a grocery shop or restaurant.

This article discusses the best internet jobs and side hustles for kids, including compensation statistics, essential work functions, and employment qualifications.

Jobs For 13 Year Olds – Top 10 Jobs

A 13-Year-Old Can Work in the UK?

The quick answer is that 13-year-olds can work. Unfortunately, you must remain at school. It is illegal to drop out of school and begin working full-time before 18. Working as a 13-year-old also implies that you are not permitted to work during school hours, before 7 a.m., or after 7 p.m. However, you should verify with your local council since some municipalities allow 13-year-olds to work before and after school. To do so, contact your local education department or education welfare department and inquire about local occupation rules for 13-year-olds.

1. Babysitting



Babysitting jobs are pretty simple and aren’t too challenging (as long as the youngsters you’re watching are well behaved!). Ask relatives and friends with small children if you can babysit for them. They could even recommend you to their friends if you’re excellent enough.

There is no legal minimum age for babysitting. However, if you are under 16, the parent or caregiver for whom you are babysitting is responsible for you and their child’s well-being.

2. Gardening Job

Gardening Job

Gardening is enjoyable, but many people don’t have time to complete simple activities like weeding, mowing the grass, and power washing decks/patios. If you believe you have the talents, begin by asking your neighbours if they have any tasks they’d want you to perform. You may even demonstrate your business spirit by creating a Facebook profile to market your services.

3. Retail


Working at a neighbourhood business after school or on weekends is a terrific way to earn money, meet new people, and boost your confidence. Although you’ll most likely begin with little tasks such as restocking shelves and cleaning, working in retail may help you develop talents you won’t find anyplace else.

4. Public Houses, Bars, and Restaurants


During busy times, pubs and bars are eager to engage younger individuals to assist with glass collection and cleaning. You might also work as a waiter or taker at a restaurant. After demonstrating your responsibility, you may be permitted to serve beverages behind the bar with an adult present.

5. Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Dog walking is an ideal profession for animal lovers and is simple if you own a dog. Why not inquire if someone in your neighbourhood needs help walking their dog in the mornings or afternoons? If they are pleased with your dog walking services, they may ask you to dog-sit while on vacation or if they are going elsewhere for the day and cannot bring their canine companion.

6. Selling crafts online

Selling crafts online

There are thousands of websites, such as Etsy and Depop, where individuals may sell handmade things. If you have a creative streak and a lot of free time, you may earn some additional money by painting, embroidering, or making goods to sell on these sites. Let your parents know if you decide to go through with this so they can aid you financially.

7. Volunteering


Although volunteering will not pay you, it will help you learn valuable skills that will aid you after you leave school. Consider donating to local charity shops, organisations such as the British Red Cross, The Prince’s Trust, or scouts and girls guide groups.

8. Newspaper Distribution

Newspaper Distribution

To deliver newspapers, you must be a morning person, but completing your daily round may be gratifying! Check with your neighbourhood newsagent to see if they need paperboys or papergirls.

9. Cleaning


Cleaning, whether for your family, a large corporation, or a small business, is an excellent first job. Learning how to clean professionally is simple, and customers often tip generously.

10. Hair salon

Hair salon

This is an excellent place to start if you want to go into hairdressing. Although you will not be near the scissors, you will acquire experience with day-to-day living at a salon, which can help you get your foot in the door if you later decide to pursue an apprenticeship or train as a hairdresser at college. Cleaning, brushing up hair, and pouring beverages for customers will be among your responsibilities.

How Much Time Can A 13-Year-Old Work?

Because you’re still in school, the number of hours a 13-year-old may work is restricted. The number of hours you may work will vary depending on whether you are in school or on school vacations.

During the school year, you are permitted to work 12 hours a week. This is split into a maximum of two hours on school days and Sundays. On Saturdays, you may work up to 5 hours.

During the school vacations, you may work up to 25 hours weekly. This is split into a maximum of 5 hours on weekdays and Saturdays. You may only work for two hours on Sundays.

You are entitled to at least one hour of rest for every four hours working. You must also take two weeks’ vacation from school and a part time job once a year.


Are you seeking 13-year-old jobs? You’ve come to the correct location! Because you are still a kid in the eyes of the law, you are subject to strict working laws that you and your supervisor must observe. Before beginning any work for 13-year-olds, read the above guide to understand the regulations and what is expected of you. The following is a list of the best online jobs for a 13-year-old who wants to make additional money in their spare time.

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