July 13, 2024
jobs for 17 year olds

Jobs For 17 Year Olds – Top 10 Jobs

Because 18-year-olds may engage in legally binding contracts without the agreement of their legal guardians, they have a broad choice of employment options.

Nobody can prohibit them from working wherever and whenever they wish. As opposed to adults, adolescents must first determine what rules and regulations govern the employment of children and youth.

To help you out, we have some excellent news. You and your classmates between 13 and 17 will discover important information in the following paragraphs. In this article, we’ll talk about child labour regulations and the most significant occupations for teenagers in the United Kingdom.

When you work as a teen, you’ll finally be able to make money on your own, gaining some degree of independence from your parents. Even though you may be pressed for time, it’s worthwhile to review each item on the list. Come on, let’s get this party started!

Jobs For 17 Year Olds – Top 10 Jobs

1. The Performer

The Performer

For those of you who like the performing arts, there’s no need to change your concentration. Actors, musicians, singers, and models for small and large projects may be found via collaborations with casting agencies. There are more chances for performers with a broad skill set, but you still have time to develop an excellent CV.

2. Pet Sitter

Pet sitter

If you’re looking for a job as a pet sitter, talk to your friends, family, and neighbours who own dogs. There could be a reason they don’t have time to walk their pets. Asking them for anything is free, right? In the UK, many app-based firms link pet owners with pet sitters, but most require that you be at least 18 years old to join up. Aim to earn as much expertise and goodwill in the meanwhile.

3. Childcare


Parents often assign their older children the responsibility of watching over their younger sibling(s). Have you ever been asked by your parents or aunts to babysit your siblings, cousins, nephews, and nieces? Ask your neighbours whether you’re the youngest member of the family. In the United Kingdom, babysitting is often cited as one of the most acceptable occupations for teenagers since it doesn’t need any previous expertise.

4. Delivery Person for the Newspapers

Delivery Person for the Newspapers

Newspaper delivery may have been the first job for your parents when they were kids. Because of developments in the publishing sector, paper-round positions are becoming less commonplace. Some businesses, however, continue to publish newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets. In particular British cities, for example, residents have launched their publications. They could want assistance with the delivery.

5. Course Instructor

Course Instructor

The fact that minors over 13 may join Udemy with the approval of their legal guardians makes it unique amongst online platforms. Online courses in marketing, English, lifestyle, photography, and design are among the numerous topics this resource covers. Uploading courses with sufficient audiovisual and textual information is one of the job’s responsibilities. The Udemy staff examines each course to ensure its quality. Course instructors are free to determine their fees.

6. Playing Video Games

Playing Video Games

Do you believe that teenagers exclusively play video games? So you’re incorrect. Other areas of life have been influenced by the growth of the industries around them. Adults often spend extended periods in their favourite recliners, engrossed in video games. Individuals and teams of gamers participate in tournaments to compete for cash and other prizes. And to pursue their favourite pastimes.

Some gamers pursue a career as a streamer on platforms like YouTube or Twitch in addition to competing in tournaments. In contrast to the competition, long-term relationships with game developers and streaming services provide a consistent cash flow. You play video games if you’re a visual effects artist working on a film. Get to know all of your choices as a gamer!

7. Paper Round

Paper Round

Delivering newspapers, brochures, journals, flyers, booklets, and other marketing materials is a joint employer for teenagers worldwide. Even if they don’t seem like much fun, these professions are among the most acceptable options for kids looking for something to do on Saturdays. Assume you go door-to-door on your bike, handing out fliers and the like, and then meet up with your closest pals to have a good time.

8. Part-time babysitting

Part-time babysitting

Jobs like a pet sitter and a babysitter have previously been touted as excellent choices for 13-year-olds. A summer or part-time babysitting job might earn extra cash if you like caring for animals and people. Ask your aunts and uncles if they need a home sitter if you’re ready to perform some light housework. They may leave the dogs behind when they travel for business or pleasure. Feed the dogs, collect the mail, and water the plants as their only home caretaker.

9. Cleaner


Cleaning activities may be on your list of things to do when house-sitting. How many times have your parents instructed you to tidy up after yourself? You likely loathed it, but you’ll be glad you did as a cleaner. Getting hired by a cleaning firm is relatively rare, but members of your family or neighbours may.

10. Car Cleaner

Car Cleaner

As a result of COVID-19, it was stated that the UK would spend £2 billion on cycling and walking. There has been a rise in individuals biking to work in most nations, although vehicles predominate in urban areas. For as long as people use automobiles as a mode of transportation, someone will have to wash the cars. Offer your services to your family and parents’ friends if you want to.


Only once you are 17 can you get a job outside the entertainment industry. You’ll need permission and supervision from your legal guardian or parents for whatever you do. As a result, you’ll also have to go to school simultaneously. Your grades shouldn’t suffer as a result. In the United Kingdom, the top ten occupations for teens are listed above.

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